A Quick Guide on Computer Science and How to Get Started

As Han Ji-pyeong of the Korean drama Start-up once said, “It’s all about potential. You need to prove at least an inkling of it.” In today’s increasingly interconnected world, the relevance of knowledge in computer science has been on the rise as well. The possibilities in computer science are endless. But what is computer science, really?

As per the Brittanica, computer science is the study of computers and computing, including their algorithmic and theoretical foundations, software and hardware, and their uses for processing information. Whether you’re working, studying, or simply at home, computer science is important as computers and computer programs have permeated our daily lives. Nowadays, having a computer is not a luxury, but a necessity for most people. 

Whether you want to have a better understanding of computers or you’re considering pursuing a career related to computer science such as those related to web applications or mobile applications, it is important to familiarize oneself with the basics of computers. 

The basics

A computer basically has four parts: input, output, CPU or central processing unit, and memory. Input refers to the parts you add into a computer like a microphone, mouse, and keyboard, while the output is how the computer gives back to you, a.k.a the screen, speakers, etc. The CPU is the part where all the input/output information gets sent to the rightful place, and the memory or random access memory (RAM) is where all the information is stored. 

There are four types of computers. The supercomputer performs at the highest possible computing power. It is used for areas that require heavy-duty computing such as quantum physics and weather forecasting. The server computer runs a server operating system, and its sole purpose is to manage all network sources. The personal computer (PC) is the most popular type. As its name suggests, it is usually utilized for personal use. The microcontroller is a small circuit designed to operate a very specific task on an electronic device. These are found in cars, appliances, and telephones.

The disciplines

Because of the vast number of functions computers are capable of doing, there are a lot of disciplines under computer science. Those looking to pursue a career in computer science must choose a specialization in order to have a better grasp of the subject matter. Among the most popular disciplines today include:

  • Computer programming. Basically, this refers to the process professionals use to write code that instructs how a computer, application, or software program performs. Computer programmers formulate instructions for a computer through writing and testing code for applications and programs to function successfully.
  • Data management. Data management refers to the disciplines to managing data as a valuable resource. Due to the rise of the importance of data security and regulatory compliance requirements, the management and protection of data are considered extremely important. 
  • Mobile app development. This is the process of developing applications for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Because having a mobile device is a necessity nowadays, the development of mobile apps has proliferated as well. 
  • Software development. According to IBM research, this is a set of computer science activities dedicated to the process of creating, designing, deploying, and supporting software. Software developers are basically the masterminds behind computer programs of all sorts.
  • Web development. This is the work involved in developing a website. In this day and age wherein e-commerce is high in demand, there has been an uprising in the demand for website developers as well. 

These are only some of the high demand disciplines of computer science. Other popular disciplines include Artificial Technology (AI), computer game development, cryptography, and robotics. The possibilities in computer science are endless, and the demands for experts in its various disciplines continue to rise as well. 

As technology continues to evolve, so does the study of computer science. There are disciplines that are in high demand today that didn’t even exist ten or even five years ago. Because technology continues to open more doors and upgrade in terms of sophistication, it is important for those in the industry, regardless of their discipline, to constantly refresh themselves of the latest trends and developments in the realm of computers. Through computers, a lot of amazing things have been made possible, so it’s important to keep up to remain relevant, too. 

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