CIIT student artworks

A Montage of the CIIT Students’ Creations

We at CIIT Philippines believe in assisting learners in showcasing the CIIT student artworks. Turn their dreams into a reality.

A good education is the greatest gift you can give yourself or anyone else. And being in the right learning institution also helps students unlock their potential and give them wings to fly. CIIT Philippines believes in assisting its learners in showcasing their CIIT student artworks and has been doing so since its inception. Moreover, we believe each student has a vision, and it’s our job to help turn their dreams into a reality.

A gallery of wondrous games

From our entertainment and multimedia computing learners to budding entrepreneurs, we give all students a platform to showcase what they can offer to the world. Finally, here are some of the CIIT student artworks.

Sling and Stones

CIIT student artworks

Sling and Stones is a fun video game created by CIITzens Ryan Cedullo, Vincent Rafael Alfaro, and Gabriel Andrei Ecleo. In addition, if you’re a fan of the game ‘Angry Birds,’ you’ll love channeling your frustrations in life through this dynamic title. Moreover, you have the option to play against a computer or friends across different maps with this game. 

Gravity Knight

CIIT student artworks

What comes up must come down. Gravity Knight is a dynamic game that allows you to take control of where your player falls. Secondly, this exciting platformer game is designed with a retro art style that’ll make you fall in love. CIITzens Kyle Leo Abelgas and Mykel Valencia proudly did this project. 


CIIT student artworks

Another fantastic project proudly made by CIITzens is Kawit, a fun learning game that allows players to learn typing and the Filipino language. Developed by Maria Elizah Dominique Pascua, Nathaniel Ruiz, and Angelico Josef Vasquez, this project was awarded the best Capstone Project during CIIT’s 2022 graduation ceremony. 

Imagery and imagination

We at CIIT Philippines also foster the creativity of students taking our multimedia arts course. Here are some artworks made by our students for your reference:


CIIT student artworks

Mikela is a digital artwork developed by CIITzen Katrina Bueno. Additionally, Mikela is the artist’s interpretation of a modern anime character, designed with comfortable yet functional clothing and battle scars to show she has a taste for adventure. 


CIIT student artworks

There is beauty in the struggle, and the struggle can clearly be seen in this lachrymose work of art. This particular artwork by Julia Tobias shows a beautiful man enveloped in sadness. Furthermore, the character is dressed in black and is holding a single flower, showing how he’s mourning something or someone. 

Philippine Eagle

CIIT student artworks

One CIIT student’s artwork placed importance on choosing the subject that piques your interest. For example, Princess Pomarejos made her own rendition of the Philippine Eagle, a national icon. Her artwork features the delicate Sampaguita flower, which is also a national symbol in the country. 


CIIT student artworks

Some artists draw inspiration from mother nature. A good example is Shandale Sy, who focused on different women holding various flowers. In addition, the ladies in her piece look to be from another period, with their feminine frocks, while the flowers were probably picked from the wild. 


CIIT student artworks

There are students who enjoy drawing subjects from their favorite movies. Ammer Domingo chose the character Merlin from the movie franchise Kingsman. Additionally, the artist chose a grayscale palette in their interpretation of the character played by actor Mark Strong. 

Hone your skills with CIIT

CIIT student artworks

At CIIT Philippines, we take pride in our community of innovators who are industry-ready and equipped to utilize technology to the fullest. Our unique approach to merging creativity and logic has produced excellent digital art and successful computer science careers.

As a CIITzen, you will have the opportunity to develop your own art style while also learning from other creatives in our community. Our steady stream of engaging events and school activities are designed to expose you to like-minded people and innovators who can help push your boundaries and enhance your knowledge in your chosen field and craft.

For those passionate about tech, our programming courses are designed to prepare you for successful computer science careers using the latest programming languages and platforms. 

We believe in investing in the future and that’s why we offer various scholarship programs to ensure talented young minds achieve their dreams. Learn more about the Interweave Scholarship Program, Future CIITzen Scholarship Grant, and the CIIT Financial Aid Program.

But it doesn’t stop there. At CIIT Philippines, we make pursuing an education as easy as possible through our CIIT Online Admission System (COAST). Finally, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your full potential and we invite you to explore our programs today to experience the CIIT difference. Join us and become part of a vibrant community of innovators who are shaping the future!

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