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Top 10 Most-Loved Video Games from the 90s Generation

Indeed, the fruition of game development spun along the fast-paced trend of technology. Innovations brought thousands of fascinating game development tools and amazing system game makers. With the right choices of career path, anyone can learn how to make unique games that could instantly attract a fuss. However, before the advanced changes in the gaming industry occurred, can you imagine how it was like to create addicting games with limited means? During the 90s age, kids grew up with culture-driven games and of course, video games. If you’ll come across someone from this era, try to ask him or her about their favorite 90s video games.

For millennials, 90s video games carved blissful and nostalgic memories where gaming was simple yet addictive. But due to the nonstop growth of the gaming world, it has improved various steps in the game development cycle. More game developers join forces in creating charming games that are both fun and educating.

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Top Ten 90s Video Games That Brings Nostalgic Memories to Filipinos

Super Mario Bros


Up until now, this popular hero carries its own fame and iconic image. Nintendo took the opportunity to impress the gaming industry of their capability to create games. The game was one of the simplest yet most loved games in the 90s. For sure, fans can still recall the struggles of playing Mario and Luigi and of traveling through the Mushroom Kingdom to save Prince Toadstool from Bowser. Do you still remember the frustration you felt whenever you see the message, “Your princess is in another castle,” on your TV screens? I bet you still do!

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto 90s video games

We’re sure you’ll remember how you carelessly drove a stolen car while being chased by the police. Grand Theft Auto is a video game that became popular in the 90s age where you can play with open-ended game play. “Go anywhere and do anything” is their motto and sure, whether you’re a fan or not, this one is a staple in the list of 90s video games that carved nostalgic memories until today.

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot

Do you remember how eager you were to smash, jump, and spin through the islands and save your girlfriend from Doctor Neo Cortex? Crash Bandicoot has an intense level where a giant boulder chases after you. You must avoid all the obstacles and it made such a huge noise along the 90s video games.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the hedgehog

For the 90s video gamer squad, Sonic the Hedgehog catches drift from its simplicity. It was first out in the early 90s on the Sega Mega Drive and had plenty of makeover games. All you need to do is to run fast and jump through the scrolling landscape. You have to collect the Chaos Emeralds and save the little critters from turning into robots.


Pokemon Go

This is one of the 90s video games that have various versions that swayed many players. Fans devoted hours to play the game and no can argue how the game was so addicting. From the wide ranges of Pokémon to Ash’s different allies, the adventure gained fans and players around the world.

Marvel vs. Capcom

Marvel vs. Capcom 90s video game

Another captivating game that drove Filipino gamers back in the 90s era is the Marvel vs. Capcom video game. Remember how you play your favorite game character fighting with your equally favorite comic book heroes. Before the game starts, you have to choose your players and fight your foes.

Resident Evil

Resident evil

This is one of the top-rated 90’s video games, which released a horror yet addicting game. With its captivating and heart-slamming game interface, anyone who loves playing video games from the 90s era can share an experience with the game.


Tekken 3 start page

Tekken is one of the most arguably best fighting games created during the 90s. There’s a part of the gamer community, which actually knows the moves and combos, however, some can admit that blindly smashing the buttons helps them to win a match. Can you recall your teeth-gritting moments just to defeat your opponent?



If you haven’t heard about this game, then you might be living under a rock during your childhood years. This legendary run-and-gun action game took over every Nintendo gaming console for years. The simple plot of saving the world from the terrorist group named Red Falcon was addicting and engaging enough to make every 90s kid pull an all-nighter.

Final Fantasy

Final fantasy old version

Last to hit our top ten most loved 90’s video games is Final Fantasy. They have adopted the basic design mechanics from the Dragon Warrior series. Now, what brought fame to this popular game? Final Fantasy brought an interesting story line up that favored many critics in the game industry.

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The Fast Paced Evolution: Game Development Then and Now

Indeed, it’s a nostalgic feels to recall some of the 90s video games that continue to grow. Game developers are now redoing the timeless games to fit the modern technology and continue to provide amusement and entertainment for the game lovers out there. Today, the gaming industry is not just to provide cool games but also to mix fun in learning and educating.

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