8 Essential Tech Skills Students Need To Have this 2023

It might come as no surprise that most jobs are now leaning toward the tech side. With more apps and cloud-based services sprouting up by the day, there are more data, processes, and projects that go along with it. 

As technology continues to advance, more technically skilled workers will be needed to keep the world running. But that also means that you’ll experience more competition. So, if you’re planning to build your career in tech, you need to learn these top 8 technological and soft skills to stand out from the crowd.

2023’s top tech skills: all you need to know

As the year passes, there are more and more technological advances and industry innovations. As future professionals, students must equip themselves with the proper skills to stay in shape.

Data analysis

As businesses, organizations, and governments acquire and retain more data, there is a rising need for experts who can interpret the data and draw conclusions that help guide decision-making. That’s why data analysis is a great skill to have this year.

Data analysis is used to find patterns, trends, and connections that can be utilized to find new possibilities, streamline workflows, and boost productivity. Additionally, it is a skill that companies highly value. Thus, having the capacity to analyze data can help you stand out in the job market. With it, you can  provide insightful information and encourage wise decision-making, so you can create a meaningful impact on business stakeholders and industries alike.  

As a student, having data analysis skills can help you with research papers by allowing you to analyze data and extract insights that can support your arguments and findings. This can make your research more thorough, accurate, and convincing. Additionally, understanding data analysis will help you to evaluate the credibility of data sources and make the process of organizing and analyzing information for your paper and projects more efficient.


As technology continues to advance and more firms migrate their operations online, the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches is increasing. As a result, they’ll also be looking to hire more cybersecurity experts.

Cybersecurity experts help businesses protect their valuable assets and sensitive information from attackers. Thus, by knowing how to secure a network, identify potential threats and vulnerabilities, and respond to security incidents, you will be able to help firms protect their operations and reputation. 

While this skill is often spotted in a professional setting, that doesn’t mean you can’t practice it while you’re still a student. Here are some basic practices that you can do right now: 

  • Secure Passwords: Creating strong and unique passwords for all online accounts and frequently updating them
  • Phishing Scams: Understanding how to spot and avoid phishing scams, which are attempts to trick you into revealing personal information or login credentials
  • Network Security: Understanding the basics of securing your home network and securing devices that connect to it
  • Data Backup: Regularly backing up important files and data to protect against data loss
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Understanding how two-factor authentication works and enabling it for online accounts whenever possible

Project management

Because it plays a crucial role in the operations of many firms, project management is an important skill for professionals to possess—and one that’s sought-after. Project managers are in charge of organizing, planning, and supervising projects to make sure they are finished on schedule, on budget, and to the satisfaction of all parties involved. 

Having project management skills can be beneficial for you as a student, as it will help you to organize, plan and execute projects and group works effectively. It will also teach you how to set priorities and manage your time better, allowing you to balance your school work with your extracurriculars and other responsibilities. Developing your project management skills will also teach you how to work in a team, communicate effectively, and solve problems efficiently, all of which are important skills for success in any field. 

Web development

Coding a website manually will soon be a thing of the past. With low-code and no-code web development now turning into the norm, creating websites with little to no knowledge of programming has never been easier. Learning how to use these apps and services like WordPress, Wix, or Webflow can help you stand out among your peers. In fact, some companies specifically look for programmers who are well-versed in these programs.

With that in mind, you can even start a side hustle where you create professional-grade websites for businesses or yourself! If you think that’s still a bit challenging, low-code solutions often come with built-in templates and pre-made components so that you can create polished, professional-looking websites with minimal effort. Embrace the low-code development and start building your portfolio and skills in web development today!

UIUX design

Due to its direct influence on how people engage with digital goods and services, UI/UX design is a skill that employers are actively seeking this year. User interface (UI) design is focused on the visual design elements that people interact with, whereas user experience (UX) design focuses on providing a seamless and intuitive user experience.

With the tech landscape growing significantly in the past years, more businesses have moved online. With that, companies have started to recognize the importance of the relationship between users and digital products and services. User experience design can help to increase user engagement, reduce bounce rates, and improve overall satisfaction through visually appealing and easy-to-use interfaces and ultimately provide a positive business impact. Additionally, having a solid understanding of UI/UX will also prepare you for a career in the field of digital product design, which is increasingly in demand across many industries. 


In the past, development and IT operations teams in software companies have mostly worked separately from each other, which meant longer timelines and slower rollouts of new software. Because of that, DevOps was born. Essentially, DevOps is a set of practices and tools that enables the rapid and efficient development, testing, and deployment of software by fostering collaboration between the two departments. As a result, companies are able to increase their speed and efficiency while lowering the risk of errors and downtime. From a business standpoint, this means a faster time to market a solution and cost savings, highlighting the importance of optimized workflows made possible with DevOps.

Learning DevOps skills can help you as a student in various ways. With DevOps methodologies, you’ll understand how to solve problems and complete projects more efficiently  especially if you’re taking up Computer Science. Through DevOps, you can also automate tedious tasks and streamline your workflow, for example, and make it easier for you to complete your assignments to free up more time to concentrate on the more significant and worthwhile components of your study.


Since networking is the cornerstone of contemporary technology and is at the core of almost all IT infrastructure, it is an excellent skill to possess. In the current digital era, having a solid understanding of networking principles and protocols like TCP/IP, DNS, and VPN as well as the ability to design, diagnose, and administer networks is extremely valuable. Network administrators, network engineers, and IT support positions are necessary for businesses to operate and expand, which can be attained with a solid understanding of networking.

Having a good understanding of networking can also give you an edge in your studies and in your future career. By being able to design, troubleshoot, and manage networks you can have a deeper understanding of how technology works and how it is applied in real-world systems. It will also give you a strong foundation for pursuing a career in the technology field, such as network administrator, network engineer, or IT support roles, which are essential for businesses to function. Additionally, having a background in networking will open up a wide variety of opportunities in various industries, and make you a highly valued asset in the job market. 

Remote communication

Remote communication is becoming more crucial in a growing technological world as more businesses move toward out-of-office work and the demand for virtual collaboration increases. This means that once you graduate, you need more than just traditional communication skills to get a leg up in the industry. You also need to effectively connect with individuals over long distances. 

As a student, having effective remote communication skills can be incredibly valuable. With the rise of online classes and virtual collaboration, being able to communicate effectively with your peers and professors remotely will become an essential skill to have. Aside from that, you’ll sharpen your skills in writing. Your working knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and writing tone is put into action as you write and respond to emails. 

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