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7 Superb Ways to Make Yourself Loan-Free in College

Paying for college should not bring you stress and burden. With hard work and dedication, you can pay for your college tuition fees without drowning yourself in debt.

Here, CIIT-Philippines shares seven tips on how to stay loan-free while studying in college.

1. Save money while in high school.

You can work after school and during summer to earn money for college. Saving early will help you avoid loans to pay for future school outlays.

2. Seek help from generous family members and relatives.

It is time to beg a favor. Some of your folks might help you pay for college. Investing in higher education could be an enticing idea for people who have the means.

3. Work full-time before college.

Taking a year off from school to work full-time can be a helpful choice. Strive hard and save a big part of your income. This way, you can have a large amount of money saved for college.

Besides earning money, full-time employment can help you gain work experience and boost your resume, too. If possible, consider living with your parents or relatives during this year to reduce your living costs.

4. Choose a low-cost school.

Tuition fee is an important factor when choosing a school. Get a list of the best yet low-cost colleges and apply to those with the lowest tuition rates and payments.

5. Look for scholarships and grants.

Did you know that some colleges grant scholarships to those who do well in athletics, academics, or the arts? A university that is willing to give you full or partial scholarship could save you money. So don’t forget to check these privileges when searching for a school.

6. Apply for a part-time job while in college.

Aside from the income you get from a part-time work, balancing a job with school allows you to develop money skills, build time management abilities, and learn discipline. Plus, you can gain valuable work experience and skills relevant to your future career. You can build up a network of useful contacts, too, that may help you in the years to come.

7. Reduce your expenses.

Separate your wants from your needs. Make a budget based on your needs and stick to it. Avoid dorms (if possible), ride a bike or take public transports, prefer used textbooks, evade credit cards, and keep track of your expenses.

CIIT, a premier arts and technology college in the Philippines, offers the lowest tuition fees compared with other schools offering the same program. In CIIT, you can enjoy scholarships and accept freelance jobs that will help you lessen your college expenses. For more information, visit www.ciit-ph.com.

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