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6 Unique and Useful Gifts Artists Will Surely Love

Choosing a gift for your artist friend may take you a longer time than expected. You may think it’s easy at first. Because what more can you get them instead of the usual pencil sets, paint, or even the typical drawing book? If you want to give something they’ll remember, then these won’t be your best options. They likely already have them, anyway. Now you’re short on options. Don’t worry, though! Read through this article, know some unique gifts for artists, and choose the perfect one for your artist friend!

Great Gifts for Artists They’ll Actually Use

Have you already gone through countless lists of gift ideas for artists on the Internet but have no luck in finding the perfect one? What do you buy a photographer? What is a good gift for a graphic designer? Or what do you get someone that likes to draw in general? We’ve found the answers for you! Below are the exciting gifts for artists that are actually useful for them.

1. Viviva Watercolor Sheets

Since Christmas is just around the corner, what do you get an artist for Christmas? The Viviva Watercolor Sheets is a perfect choice. It’s the easiest way to paint wherever your artist friend is. With 16 super-saturated colors and vibrant colors, your artist friend can easily bring his or her imagination to life! Plus, they last long, blend easily, and are easy to carry! You can also get them a crafted wooden case. What’s exciting? You can laser engrave your personal message or name on it! Now, let’s talk about personalized gifts!

Watercolor sheets and personalized wooden cases as best gifts for artists
Photo from Prestigify.com

2. Wacom Bamboo Slate Smartpad Digital Notebook

Who said it’s hard to look for unique gifts for multimedia students? Though on the pricey side, this smartpad is every digital artist’s dream! Nothing beats the standard pencil on paper feel. Imagine turning your hand-drawn artwork into digital versions in an instant. With this, your artist friend can still enjoy creating his or her masterpiece on paper! The pad also works well on android and iOS devices.

Drawings on a Bamboo Slate as the perfect gifts for artists
Photo by Wacom

3. Artist’s Color Wheel

Expert or not, the Artist’s Color Wheel will always be an essential learning tool for all artists alike. Hence, color wheel should always be included in every list of gifts for artists. This is where your artist friend can see the most relating colors. Plus, it helps artists make color combinations easier. This specific kind of color wheel also teaches color mixing and color dynamics.

Texts and colors on an Artist’s Color Wheel for the best gifts for artists
Photo by Vibes and Scribes

4. Tracing LED Light Box

Looking for a gift idea other than pencils for your animator friend? A tracing LED light box is the one! Not only will it make sketching for your artist friend easier, but it will also enhance his or her output and accuracy. What this tracing tool does is it provides an evenly lit backlit by LEDs. In effect, the user can trace even the smallest details back onto his or her canvas. So if you’re looking for the best gifts for artists, include a tracing light pad on your list!

tracing an artwork on a tracing LED light box
Photo by Walmart

5. Watercolor Phone Case

If you want a gift that will immediately identify your friend as an artist, a watercolor phone case is your best bet. This can serve as a conversation starter for artists alike. Further, they can identify themselves as among the creative class with this phone case. Fashionable and trendy, an affordable gift for any artist!

Watercolor phone case perfect as gifts for artists
Photo by YogaCase

6. Digital Brush Stylus

If you want to give your artist friend a gift that’s worth the money, then try giving him or her a digital brush stylus. This will make it easier for your friend to blend colors, resulting in better artworks. Further, just like the standard paintbrush, a brush stylus glides across a digital device, giving it an authentic brush feel.

Digital brush stylus as best gifts of artists
Photo by Sensu

Finally, as long as your gifts come from the heart, your artist friends will appreciate them! More than receiving gifts, they’ll appreciate your support for their passion more!

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