5 Principles of Advertising Design That Every Creative Should Master

Designing creative assets for advertising is a form of art. The materials need to be eye-catching to capture emotions and interest while also shining the  spotlight on the product or service that they are selling. In this article, we will talk about the core principles of advertising design that can help you create effective media and visual arts materials


Learn the Basic Principles of Advertising Design

The following are five of the most fundamental principles of designing creative assets for advertising that every aspiring ads practitioner should know.


1. Structure and Form

When it comes to advertising, you need to consider more than just the aesthetics of your materials. Different platforms have different size requirements and rules, which can affect the overall structure of an ad. For example, your design for a billboard may not exactly be effective for a social media post. 

Digital advertising materials, moreover, should be smartly designed to make sure that the person scrolling through them can get the information they need in a matter of seconds. Take google ads as an example. With so many display ads cluttering the internet, a material should clearly show the following components: 

  • Your company name or logo
  • Your unique value proposition or the service you are selling
  • A visual of your service or product
  • A clear call-to-action button


2. Contrast

While contrast is also an important factor to consider in other forms of design, it’s particularly important for advertising design. That’s because it creates that “wow factor,” which is essential if you want to stand out from all the other visual cues.

Think of light vs. dark, traditional vs. modern, or thick vs. thin. Using contrast can also help lead your audience’s attention to the most significant part of your media and visual arts materials. 


3. Colors

Your choice of colors says a lot about your ad material. Different colors can mean a lot of different things like red is for food and hunger. One of the most important principles of advertising design is to always try and create an emotional response from your viewers. Color, of course, is a very effective way to do that because people associate certain emotions with specific colors. 

Use red if you want to provoke a sense of urgency or hunger, blue or green for a more calming reaction, yellow for excitement or joy, and more. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the psychology of colors while you’re at it. 


4. Typography

Typography is also another very critical design element to consider for media and visual arts. Your choice of font should be legible and clear regardless of what type of screen your viewers are using (computer or mobile) and this set can set the tone to your message.


5. The KISS method

The KISS principle (“Keep It Simple, Stupid”) is a very popular design rule in product design that can also be applied to advertising materials. You have to remember that most display ads are compact and will probably only keep the attention of your viewer for a few seconds so make your design simple and easy to consume with just one look. 


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