Learn the essential entertainment and multimedia computing skills you'll need to master as an aspiring game designer.

5 Entertainment and Multimedia Computing Skills to Add in Your Toolkit

There’s nothing more fulfilling than following your passion. If your heart belongs to the wonderful world of video games, you should do yourself a favor by exploring the Entertainment and Multimedia Computing program. 

From laying the groundwork for new, virtual worlds to taking the gaming experience to the next level, there’s no shortage of career opportunities for graduates of the program. Still, the rise to the top of the gaming industry is anything but easy. 

On the flip side, you can hone and master entertainment and multimedia computing skills to stand out among the crowd. With the following skills in your arsenal, you’ll be able to design your path to a successful career playthrough:

Creativity and artistic vision

Some entertainment and multimedia computing skills can't be easily taught, such as the much-needed creativity you need to succeed in the field of game design.

Some people are simply born brimming with a creative mindset. However, it takes an active imagination to make a spectacular gaming universe that gets people hooked. As a game designer, you’ll be responsible not only for how characters dress and act, but how they interact with others.

That’s why it’s important for game designers to be imaginative. As you focus on honing your craft, you shouldn’t forget to think out of the box. The next big idea might come from a concept that inspires you.

Wide knowledge of gaming trends

The video game industry continuously innovates in order to make games more exciting. To be ahead of the curve, it’s important that aspiring game designers stay on top of the latest trends and technology in the gaming world.

This is a skill that all game designers need to work on a regular basis. For you to bring the best experience to customers, you need to be aware of the newest developments in the industry. This is so you can work on taking your game to the next level. 

Storytelling ability

The ability to tell an engaging story is one of the most crucial entertainment and multimedia computing skills you should master as a game designer.

What makes a video game so compelling are not just the cool things you can do with your characters, but also the narrative behind the game itself. It’s no surprise that a lot of video games, most notably The Witcher and Resident Evil, have been adapted into successful Hollywood projects. 

Every other video game will actively vie for attention, so in order for you to continuously drive interest in your project, the game you design should give players some sense of purpose. They need to understand why they have to do the tasks required in the gaming world through the narrative you laid out.

Communication and collaboration

There’s more to communication than the ability to write or speak to others. Because game development demands real-time collaboration with a lot of different teams, you need to be able to express yourself clearly. Miscommunication can lead to a lot of problems down the line no matter how talented you may be.

That’s why you need to learn how to convey your ideas to your intended audience well. Not everyone will understand technical jargon, so it’s best to know how to tailor-fit your messaging according to whom you’re communicating with. 

Technical know-how in programming

It's not enough to know how to make a game look good. By mastering entertainment and multimedia computing skills like programming, you're sure to create one that works well.

There is more to making a great video game than a cool story. You have to arm yourself with the backend knowledge, which makes the video game work smoothly. 

Fortunately, you can learn the ropes of coding, programming, and all the nitty-gritty of game design if you pursue a degree in Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing. Through practice and hard work, you’ll be able to translate your creative vision into a playable game. 

These are only some of the basic entertainment and multimedia computing skills every game designer needs in their toolkit. In order for you to pursue your dream job in gaming, you should master the basics and learn from the best. That’s why you should invest in yourself by enrolling at CIIT Philippines.

An academic institution that promotes high-quality, industry-based teaching, we help you learn the tricks of the trade in the gaming world and beyond. We constantly improve our programs to ensure they’re up-to-date with the ever-evolving industry. Plus, we invest in the best facilities and faculty to give our students the excellent quality education they deserve. Explore our college courses to get started on pursuing your dreams. 

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