Undecided on what to take in college? Let's do a quick dive on the top arts and design college programs you can consider moving forward.

5 College Programs for SHS Graduates Specializing in Arts and Design

Arts and design can be appealing to many people. It teaches you to fully express yourself, be creative, and develop your sense of community. 

Taking up the Arts and Design track in senior high school should have provided you with ample exposure to a wide array of fields and expertise available to you given the skill set and knowledge you earned. This can lead you to any of the two scenarios. First, you already have an idea of what specific area you want to specialize in thanks to the years spent exploring. Second, the several options overwhelmed you and you’re not really sure where to begin.

Not to worry, because in this article, we’re doing a quick dive on the top arts and design-related college programs you can consider moving forward.

College Programs in Arts and Design to Consider

What are the college programs most suitable for senior high school graduates who took the arts and design track? We’ve listed below arts and design-related college programs that you can consider.

Bachelor of Arts in Film

Looking for an arts and design college program? Consider Bachelor of Arts in Film.

Film requires skills in visual storytelling. This is why the arts and design track is significantly useful to those who want to build a career in film, whatever aspect of the trade you plan to specialize in. Film programs usually teach the fundamentals of filmmaking, scriptwriting, production techniques, and video editing, among others.

Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts

Love the stage? Go on and pursue Theater Arts as your arts and design college program.

Theater arts is one of the college programs in art and design that is quickly gaining popularity as of recent. Most theater arts programs are not only designed to teach students to be actors on stage, but also provide them with a well-rounded knowledge of playwriting, production management, stage management, artistic direction, and technical direction, among other specializations within the art of performance.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Industrial Design

If you want to see your design in action, take Industrial Design as your arts and design college program.

Industrial design is for those students who want to see their design in action. Most industrial design programs teach students to integrate design into usable products and introduce innovation in the market.

Bachelor of Science in Interior Design

If you're into interior design, you're at the right track. This arts and design college program is in demand.

As social media continues to make home aesthetic trends popular, interior design has become a sought-after art and design-related college program in recent years. Not only does the program equip students with the skills to design residential spaces, but they are also trained to develop structurally sound and sustainable plans for commercial spaces, landscapes, and even furniture and visual merchandise.

Bachelor in Multimedia Arts

Multimedia Arts can be your best option for an arts and design college program.

Many tertiary-level educational institutions in the Philippines offer a degree in multimedia arts. This program blends different disciplines of media and uses design, technology, and the visual arts for creative and effective storytelling and expression. This degree is suitable for those who don’t want to specialize in one specific area of digital arts and design. 

Pursue the Right College Program in Arts and Design

If you’re interested in staying versatile as an arts and design practitioner, try your hand in a tried-and-tested college program.

If you’re interested in staying versatile as an arts and design practitioner, try your hand in a tried-and-tested college program. Bachelor of Multimedia Arts and know no bounds in how to create and express your mind. CIIT Philippines is one of the leading institutions in the Philippines that specializes in world-class education in multimedia arts. 

The Bachelor of Multimedia Arts program at CIIT Philippines comprises three majors: Animation, Film and Video Production, and Graphic Design. Develop a diverse skill set that will make you employable in any field you desire, be it as a freelancer or a full-time staffer. Learn more about the program today.

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