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5 Best Podcasts to Make You Smarter

Bored with the old-hat “learning in the classroom” routine? You’re not alone. Believe it or not, boredom is one of the greatest enemies of learning. The reason? When you’re bored out of your wits, your mind wanders, you fall asleep, and… learn nothing. So, if you’re tired of sitting inside the usual four walls of the classroom, try listening to educational podcasts. They’re the latest trend and another creative way to learn. Ultimately, if you enjoy learning, then the best podcasts are for you!

What is a podcast?

Podcasts are similar to talk radio series, only handier. Meaning, listeners need not tune in live. They can listen anytime, anywhere they want.

Podcasts are mostly audio recordings of discussions between the host and guest speaker, or people sharing their thoughts. These podcasts also focus on specific topics.

What can you learn from podcasts?

Podcasts are amusement and learning overlapped. You can learn a collection of topics, depending on your choice. From Mathematics, Science, English, Social Sciences, Arts and Design, to personal growth topics such as Business, Travel, Lifestyle, and Goal Setting, you’ll surely have a hard time choosing a subject matter! Further, podcasts have topics for courses in senior high and college strands

What are the best podcasts to listen to?

If you’re doing something which doesn’t challenge your darling brain cells —commuting to school, riding the elevator, or waiting for your next class—you can try wearing your earphones and listening to a podcast. And since each podcast is exciting, it’s the perfect sidekick and ‘mental food’! So, we’ve listed the best podcasts for you. Check them out!

1. Hardcore History

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History included in the list of the best podcasts

Think of Hardcore History as audiobooks. Not only does it have enough research; its episodes are also trending. Do you think History is boring? Well, try listening to Hardcore History!

2. Ologies with Alie Ward

Science and Biology icons for Ologies with Alie Ward as one of the best podcasts

Curious about Scientists’ lives? Ologies with Alie Ward brings the answers to you. This podcast invites scientists of all backgrounds to share their areas of expertise. So, expect to know more of their passions—a truckload of trivia about stuff you didn’t even know existed.

3. The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps included in the list of the best podcasts

We know, you’ve slept in your Philosophy class at least once. Frankly, Philosophy can sometimes be boring. But it doesn’t have to be. Your hero is here: The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps. It lets Prof. Peter Adamson teach about the lives, ideas, and context of philosophers. What’s interesting, though? He tackles both the most popular and the lesser-known ones.

4. Ear Hustle

: A graphic image of Ear Hustle as one of the best podcasts

Here’s something that’ll surely stir your interest. For about 40 minutes, Ear Hustle will bring you inside the walls of San Quentin State Prison. Here, you’ll know the problems of the inmates’ lives inside. Their struggles are told by the inmates themselves and are discussed deeper throughout each episode.

5. Exponent

A graphic image of Exponent as one of the best podcasts

Albeit its name sounding very technical, Exponent leans more toward the business side of things. A masterpiece by Ben Thompson and James Allworth, the podcast’s episode talks about the tech industry, while also linking companies and headlines to discuss which drives the tech industry today.

These are just a few of the best podcasts to listen to. You can find more around the Internet through a click of a button. Truly, it’s a way to learn something new every day!

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Sources: Refinery29.com, Wired.co.uk, Collegeinfogeek.com

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