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What to Expect If You Study a 3D Animation Course

Before, it was only Fine and Traditional Arts. Artists use paintbrush and canvas, carve on wood, or sculpt marble to create art. But with the dawn of the digital age, computer-aided or Digital Arts have gone mainstream. Artists can now express themselves with the help of computer software. In fact, art has also taken an interactive form. Drawings are not just lines and color on a flat surface. Multimedia arts has paved way for the 3D animation track to become a famous senior high school specialization. An artist’s work is not just about creating pretty things. Multimedia artists walk a legitimate career path that changed the business landscape. So, do you think you have what it takes to succeed in this field?

Ready, Set, Go for the Gold through the 3D Animation Track

Multimedia Arts as the most-chosen college degree soared through the years. Since the first decade of the new millennium, many Philippine colleges has offered this course. In 2007, CIIT College of Arts and Technology set the benchmark as the top design, programming, and 3D animation school. Even after the country’s curriculum has changed, CIIT stayed true to its pledge to facilitate first-rate multimedia arts practices.

Why Study 3D Animation?

In line with the K-12 curriculum, CIIT offers a progressive degree founded on three tracks, namely Film/Video Production, Graphic Design, and 3D Animation Track. Among these three tracks, people get most curious with the 3D animation track. When they hear animation, it’s easy for them to imagine cartoons and anime shows. However, 3D animation has more uses now beyond mere TV and movie entertainment.

With a focused 3D animation course, you can become a website designer, art director, visual effects animator, etc. E-commerce and social media created more jobs for multimedia artists in the past years. We now live in the internet and smart phone era, so allied information technology and design skills remain in-demand. If you want a steady career path that serves an ever-growing market, no doubt the 3D animation track can lead you right to success.

What Can You Expect from a Multimedia Arts Career?

3d animation track

If you loved sketching and doodling and would want to improve your art skills by learning a new medium, a multimedia arts career can ignite that passion. Further, draw and create fresh and modern website designs. Make motion graphics for TV and internet ads. A graphic artist or animator often has a place in any marketing team. Now to feed your interest, we will give you a few fascinating info on what to expect when you become a full-fledged multimedia artist.

Creativity and Imagination Fuels Your Craft

This career thrives in your artistic passion, creativity, and imagination. Without them, you’ll lack direction and your outputs would turn out bland. In addition, inspiration is a must-have to flourish as a digital artist. You’d be encouraged to always try out new ideas, so this job will be far from boring.

Practice Makes Perfect

Your technical skills will always be challenged. Since digital artists use computer as their medium, you need to brush up on new tools and techniques. In the same way, the best multimedia artists adapt these changes and pick up new tricks to keep under their sleeves. Thus, they never cease to grow in their craft.

You Must Invest on a Strong Foundation

Since you must master advanced knowledge to improve your career, topnotch learning is a must for digital artists. An aspiring animator who enroll at a quality 3D animation school gets a huge head start toward a thriving career. Sow the seeds early and fertilize them with concepts taught by the best IT and design pros.

Time to Earn Your Multimedia Arts Degree

The 3D animation track sets you up for a high-paying job that takes artistry to a more exciting and fulfilling level. Earn the chance to create animated masterpieces for film, TV, ads, and other media. Help firms innovate and upgrade with better website designs. Further, become a digital expert whose talents can inspire and touch people’s lives through art.

Hence, do you see yourself working for top animation studios or as part of the world’s biggest web design firms? Now is the time to make that vision come to life!

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Images courtesy of StockSnap.io and Pexels.com

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