3D animation games

3D Animation Games: From Fascination to Profession

In today’s highly creative technology, people of all ages are now fascinated and amazed on how imaginative characters can turn into something existent and factual. I, being a fan of computer games, am equally captivated by the ingenuity and inventiveness of software developers and designers. Stimulated by the fact that I’m in control of my character, I always feel like I’m in a different world whenever I watch computer-animated graphics or play my favorite sports online.

A Die-Hard Fan

A video game fan for years, I have seen and witnessed how computer graphics enhanced and evolved through time. I noticed how the huge arrays of games and online flicks are getting better every year. Besides continuously offering a good storyline, they continue to show colorful graphics and produce ear-popping sound effects. They never fail to incite thrill and excitement among enthusiasts like me who treat video gaming an important part of life.

Moved by Inspiration

One day while watching television, there’s this segment that speaks about 3D animation. Just to satisfy my curiosity, I’ve researched more about the topic online. Upon studying the intricate process of designing characters and drawing images, I was amused on how technical and how incredibly it was done. From simple drafts and sketches, they were able to produce visual representations that are very much real and genuine.

Enrolling in a 3D Animation Games Course

Because I was so engrossed in learning more about the craft, I made up my mind and decided to take up a course in developing 3D animation games. I enrolled at CIIT,one of the Philippine’s fastest growing ICT institutions.

As a student in CIIT, I experienced being taught by the best and professional team of animators through the use of state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. CIIT let me use and practice the latest software and technology and allowed me to experience using the up-to-the-minute and the most advanced product development modules and software.

While learning 3D animation games, my professional tutors at CIIT also taught me how I can move and rotate objects and characters to any direction I want. I was amazed on how I can watch my 3D images move and dance within a digital environment. Using the essential key frames and applying proper lightning and textures, I was not only able to translate my imaginations and ideas into reality;I was also able to create my own work of art.

Work and Play

If you happen to be like me who is also very much interested in making computer graphics or animations, this can be a great opportunity for you. Animators nowadays are among the most in-demand and highly paid professionals worldwide. Apart from being one of the largest growing industries in computer graphics and the arts, it is also one of the most sough-after services among businesses and companies who are seeking innovative advertising strategies and processes.

Carrying the pride of studying in one of the best multimedia school in the country—CIIT, I am confident I can go against the tide and make my dreams come true. I believe that I already have a good future ahead of me with a galore of different opportunities up for grabs in the industry.

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