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3D Animation: A College Program Honing Interior Design Skills

You will find more to 3D animation (3DA) than seeing online games or any clip with superb visual effects. In fact, this field is now a hit in both domestic and commercial projects that require architectural visualizations. How can someone master interior design by using 3D software? How can people in the interior designing field enjoy from learning a 3D animation course?

Modern World of Design

CIIT, a premier multimedia art school, explains how 3DA works to improve the method people create indoor designs and see them come to life.

Learning has changed much and this current age has made it more exciting. That is why students prefer “modern” courses than more traditional ones.

3DA is a piece of art that does not require a person’s superior intelligence. The course has become a leading choice among aspiring and pro interior designers. This trend happens because of the following reasons.

3D Animation…

  • Allows users to visualize what is inside the house or building by merely using a mobile device. Thus, it allows viewers to gain an accurate idea of the design and not make a guess or estimate alone.
  • Helps show design flaws. The interior designer can utilize the presentation as a guide or pattern to improve future projects.
  • Serves as a great communication tool because it conveys a message or offers instructions to viewers.
  • Improves design marketability. With the good project representation, interior designers today give a boost to their work because they can convince potential clients and real estate developers to invest in it.
  • Offers a promising future to a wide array of industries.

What happens when students take 3DA as a course? Well, students will…

  • Learn the basics and complex procedures of animation.
  • Create a series of sketches and prepare an animatic from them.
  • Adjust the character’s attributes sizes.
  • Learn how to create moves and manipulate every body part.
  • Record sound effects.
  • Move characters in a realistic and authentic way.
  • Create varied visual effects.
  • Work on so many frames, and on each layer, background, lighting, and texture involved in each one.

These features excite students in learning 3DA in college.

Improve Designing Jobs

Even interior design experts today can study the 3DA short course. This special course will enhance their design skills and deepen their artistry.

Though computers make interior design jobs easier, they cannot replace human designers because the task involves real artistic skills. Further opportunities in this industry await the inventive workforce.

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