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3D Animation Course: A Peek into CIIT’s Two-Year Diploma Program

Have you heard of a 3D animation course that takes only two years to complete? Philippine-based digital arts and information school, CIIT, offers it. If you’re searching for the fastest way to get into film, animation, or gaming, then you may want to give the school’s diploma program a shot.

When you take up the 3D animation program at CIIT, you will learn all the basic skills and knowledge required for every 3D artist. You can work as a 3D modeler, 3D texture artist, 3D animator, SFX designer, and compositor.

Here is the list of subjects offered in this program:

3D Animation

This subject will groom you in all aspects of animation. You will learn how to create 3D graphics and bring visual images to life using different computer software. CIIT’s industry-based practitioners will teach you how to do structural rigging and environment animation.

3D Modeling

Modeling is one of the key concepts that this diploma program focuses on. In this program, you will learn how to create both organic and structural models. These graphics and images have three dimensions. Thus, you should know, too, the basics of designing. At CIIT, you will learn 3Ds Max, 3D Pipeline, Structural Modeling, and Advanced 3D Modeling. Being skilled at these areas will make you a big asset to any firm you plan to get into.


This is the process of using software to produce an image from a created or drawn model. CIIT will give you the right knowledge on UV mapping, lighting, and texture creation.

Special Effects

This course will teach you how to create the best special effects for your videos and simulations. You’ll learn particle manipulation, post-production, and compositing. If you gain the right technical skills in this field, you can create real-life scenes for movies, games, or other media.

If you are in search for the best school that teaches all these subjects in a single program, you may enroll at CIIT’s 3D animation course. This two-year program will hone you to become one of the country’s best in 3D computer graphics. It will expose you to these four primary areas and help you build a career in film, animation, and gaming industry.

Update: While CIIT Philippines does not offer diploma programs currently, we provide a variety of specialist courses that can equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in your chosen field. Our courses are tailored to provide hands-on, practical learning opportunities that are relevant to industry requirements and standards.

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