11 Types of Art Students You Should Not Sit with in a Room

Art students are famous for being peculiar. In fact, even within the visual arts and design class, you will find a few artist archetypes strange. Thus, if you want to have a peaceful, hassle-free life as an art student, you must avoid these kinds of seatmate.

1. Clueless Fella

– thinks an art course is just a fun subject where you hurl a bit of paint around and scribble with bright-colored crayons. Hobbies include texting and flirting with the most popular student in school. Wanting to escape board exams and math subjects, most of these fellows suffer from culture shock and will likely quit after a single term.

Clueless Fella

2. Vexed Dude

– finds it hard to begin any task because he/she spends hours fretting over his/her selected topic and worrying whether the choice is good enough. This person is always anxious and jumpy due to caffeine overdose. As a result, he/she always ends up with a rushed, ill-considered output.

Vexed Dude

3. Pity Seeker

– loves to flaunt and take advantage of his/her weaknesses using the “puppy eye” method. Instead of putting an effort to improve his/her skills, he/she shows flaws so other people will take pity and do his/her task.

Pity Seeker

4. Winnie Whiner

– makes excuses and complaints on every little thing. He/she annoys everyone with his/her loud voice, non-stop rants, and stories on everything. This student is always late in class with incomplete assignments and projects.

Winnie Whiner

5. Pompous Strutter

– corrects instructors on a regular basis and has that “I’m better than you” attitude even on first meeting. He/she has the most friends on social media but has no real communications skills when you meet him/her in person.

Pompous Strutter

6. Snobbish Fop

– gets the smug look from praises of parents and anyone who likes his/her work. This student never accepts negative comments and specializes on giving “head-to-toe” peeks. He/she is the always-clean type of artist with an expensive set of tools you can never borrow.

Snobbish Fop

7. Constant Restarter

– belongs to the perfectionist type who wants every part of his/her portfolio flawless but doesn’t have the ability to do his work. He/she habitually restarts his/her work and ends up with a bunch of semi-completed artworks.

Constant Restarter

8. Second-hand Cribber

– draws or paints images from the Internet, magazines, and photographs taken by others. Works are often surface-deep and lack connection to the topic. Others call him/her copycat or plagiarist.

Second-hand Cribber

9. Last-Minute Crammer

– sets aside tasks until they are due the next day. He/she loves to do month-long projects overnight, often ending up in crappy, unfinished outputs.

Last-Minute Crammer

10. Slovenly Sloth

– cares less on the entire project or assignment. He/she is the best friend of last-minute crammers, but unlike the latter, he/she is so slow and ends up with disorganized and untidy outputs.

Slovenly Sloth

11. Gothic Depressionist

– emits negative vibes and wants to be unique as everyone else. He/she dresses in black (nail polish, lipstick, and eyeliners included) with chokers and spiked bangles. His/her artworks are dark tones depicting stories of death and suffering that are too depressing to see.

Gothic Depressionist

Do you see yourself turning into any of these types of students? Never settle for less! Do the opposite and be the best visual arts and design student in your class!

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