Where to Find the Perfect Animation Course in the Philippines?

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Do you dream of working in the video game, TV, film, or web design industry someday? If any of these fields excite you; then, you must hunt for the best multimedia arts college that offers the most inclusive animation course in the Philippines. A Perfect Career Option A thorough background in animation may lead you to a number of exciting …

Philippines’ Top Software Engineering School: Why Be Certified?

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Merely graduating from a famous software engineering school in the Philippines will not secure you a job. As thousands of applicants compete for limited jobs today, you need to make yourself stand out and boost your chances by getting certifications. Even though most firms do not ask for such documents, having one will look good on your resume. They can …

Job Outlook for Multimedia Arts Graduates in the Philippines

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We’ve heard you. Studying multimedia arts in the Philippines is expensive, superficial, and delusional. There have been so many myths surrounding the field that they’re already preventing young talents—out-of-the-box right “brainers” who could have been assets of the country—to pursue their dreams and become multimedia arts graduates. You can say the entire fallacy in a four-word statement: “Artistic careers are …

Top 10 Reasons You Fail at Animation and 5 Ways to Improve It

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To become a better animator, realizing the reasons for your failure is sometimes the finest means to improve your skills. Below are reasons that may withdraw you from becoming an animator and tips from Manila’s top 3D animation school to improve your work. Reasons That Keep You from Being a Good 3D Animator  1. You don’t explore. When you reach a …

9 Best Tools to Get You Started in Mobile Game Development

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Despite having a secured foothold in the market, the success of mobile gaming remains a mystery for most of us. We continue to wonder how mobile games break into our smartphones easily and how they thrive in capturing our attention. To give you a peek at game developing, top mobile game development college prepares a list of game-making tools, engines, libraries, …

How to Motivate Software Engineers without Raising Their Pay

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Keeping a team of software engineers motivated is essential to every company. Not only do firms demand their constant services, many hiring managers find it hard to fill in their posts, too. Today’s software pros, however, desire more than good salary packages and benefits. While the standard rewards will help motivate them, employers need to provide a work culture that …

Top Multimedia Arts Course Subjects Employers Seek in Portfolios

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College courses are just names—sometimes smartened up to lure learners. They are almost the same in every school, but they differ in subjects—the core of learning. So, if you are searching for the best school to study, consider the course’s subjects, too. Do you want to study in schools that could boost your hiring chances? Then, make sure you hunt …

Mobile Application Development: Dos and Don’ts When Naming Apps [Infographic]

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A perfect mobile application (app) name is more than just a good brand “recall” strategy. If you are working as an app developer or still aspiring to be one, come up with a good label that can popularize your work and help you successfully infiltrate the market. Why should you give your app a proper, compelling tag? What should you …