Philippines’ Best Animation College: On Making Virtual Tours

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During this modern age, simulation of an existing (and even imaginary) place is gaining ground. In fact, many companies and schools offer this digital, virtual event through their web sites or video-sharing sites. Why So Popular? Virtual tour is a current trend. It is being used in a wide array of industries, from travel to real estate and even architecture. …

CIIT PHL: Is Entertainment Multimedia Computing Worth It?

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College education is an investment. It takes only one wrong move to ruin one’s future. While students have a right to pursue tertiary education, few factors prevent them from reaching academic success. In the Philippines, sending a student to a college is but a common struggle for many families. Even if the government offers low-cost learning programs and scholarship grants, funds …

Perks “Tiga South” People Will Get from Studying at CIIT Alabang

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Want to turn your weekends into something productive? Open for students and professionals alike, CIIT Philippines now offers specialist courses in Alabang. “Tiga South” or people living in Southern NCR and nearby provinces like Laguna and Cavite can now enroll for short courses in digital marketing, web design, and multimedia. Aside from skills upgrade, you can also take advantage of …

Six Visual Arts and Design Ideas for Your Political Ads

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As the election period in the country kicks off, parties are preparing their campaign materials. Thus, visual arts and design has long been an important part of the political scene. Not all campaign paraphernalia, though, can sway voters because a few of them lack the “key” aspects to boost a bet’s winning chances. How then can you take advantage of …

CIIT Reviews Millennials’ Top 10 Most Wanted College Majors

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Are you curious on the course your millennial child would like to pursue in college? Professional social networking site, LinkedIn, surveyed its 300 million user profiles to dig up the ten most desired career paths of this famous generation. Look at these most wanted college majors of millennials: 1. Information Science and Technology Careers related to IST are on the …

Seven Qualities that Make Highly Addictive Mobile Games

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Have you ever wondered why you suddenly got so hooked on playing “Candy Crush Saga” or other games on your phone? If the magic of mobile game development leaves you thinking non-stop; then, read below the top seven reasons that could justify your gaming addiction. 1. Skill Simple games that only require mastery of controls can be addicting. In Mortal …