Eight Digital Skills Every Student Should Learn Before Graduation

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While it’s okay for older people to refuse technology, students like you have no reasons not to learn and maximize its advantages. Before you graduate, you must learn at least the basic of a few digital skills. Top digital arts school, CIIT, listed eight of the top competencies you should learn. Read on to discover. 1. Photo Editing Even if …

10 Must-Know Facts about Mobile Gaming in PH [Infographic]

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Are you planning to enter the world of mobile game development in the Philippines? Get ready and fuel your brain with these amazing and fun facts about the industry. Do you have what it takes to get into the world of mobile game development in the Philippines? Earn the right skills from the right school! Enroll at CIIT, the leading digital arts school …

Ten Coolest Freelance Jobs for Digital Arts Graduates

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Digital arts is a budding career. Project JobsFit, a Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) study found that the creative field where digital art is innate is one of the country’s emerging trades. This became possible because it offers jobs faster than its output growth in the long term. Below are freelance careers for digital arts course graduates. 1. Web Developer …

Digital Arts School: Equipping You to Build Milestone

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Besides having an industry-relevant program and modern facilities, an ideal digital arts school must employ unique teaching and training styles to ensure the success of its graduates. It has to equip its students with the right tools and give them opportunities to apply their skills and prepare them for the demands of the real world. At CIIT Philippines, students have the …

Digital Art School in the Philippines: Turn Dreams to Reality

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Do you have any idea about the growing demand of digital animation? Over the last decades, the Philippines is playing a major role in the global animation industry. Our talented fellow Filipinos have been key contributors to the development of images for cartoon television shows and animated films of major television and movie outfits such as Pixar. With the excellent creativity …