CIIT PHL: Is Entertainment Multimedia Computing Worth It?

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College education is an investment. It takes only one wrong move to ruin one’s future. While students have a right to pursue tertiary education, few factors prevent them from reaching academic success. In the Philippines, sending a student to a college is but a common struggle for many families. Even if the government offers low-cost learning programs and scholarship grants, funds …

Job Outlook for Multimedia Arts Graduates in the Philippines

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We’ve heard you. Studying multimedia arts in the Philippines is expensive, superficial, and delusional. There have been so many myths surrounding the field that they’re already preventing young talents—out-of-the-box right “brainers” who could have been assets of the country—to pursue their dreams and become multimedia arts graduates. You can say the entire fallacy in a four-word statement: “Artistic careers are …

Six Client Stories You Should Know after Multimedia Arts School

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Curious what your everyday life would be as soon as you get out of a multimedia arts school? Read these true-to-life stories professional designers and artists experienced while dealing with clients at work. 1. Naivety killed the cat. After finishing the design, I created PDF and PNG copies of it and sent them to my client. Labeled “PDF_Print” and “PNG_Email_Evite,” …

Eleven Easy Steps to Enroll in CIIT’s K12 Program

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The K12 Program of CIIT Philippines offers the finest teaching for students in Grades 11 and 12. With its Information Communication Technology (ICT) track, a hybrid of the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Academic tracks, students may pick between two specialties – Animation and Programming. Read on to learn the simple steps to enroll at CIIT’s Senior High School. Classes start …

Top 20 Cities for 3D Animation Professionals

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The 3D animation trade promises a good future as firms tap modern technology for business use. Owners and leaders can make viral selling techniques and find ease in staff training using this technology. Aside from this, 3D animation can help well in product launching. With many jobs available in the market, 3D artists are still at a loss finding the perfect …

Ten Must-See KalyeSerye-Inspired Digital Media Artworks

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KalyeSerye is a live soap opera parody of the “Juan for All, All for Juan” segment of Eat Bulaga!, a GMA Network noontime show. It features live improvisations from the casts and teaches traditional Filipino values. Due to its popularity and the values it imparts to viewers, many fans are inspired to express their love for the show through awesome …