Six Client Stories You Should Know after Multimedia Arts School

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Curious what your everyday life would be as soon as you get out of a multimedia arts school? Read these true-to-life stories professional designers and artists experienced while dealing with clients at work. 1. Naivety killed the cat. After finishing the design, I created PDF and PNG copies of it and sent them to my client. Labeled “PDF_Print” and “PNG_Email_Evite,” …

Seven Reasons Why 3D Animation is Vital in Advertising

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Through 3D animation, you can bring the power of creativity and imagination to your marketing ads. You can show off almost any service or product to your clients and make it an effective selling tool especially when it goes well with your target market. Ever wonder why many firms fancy using computer-generated images in their campaigns? Here are the top …

Eleven Easy Steps to Enroll in CIIT’s K12 Program

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The K12 Program of CIIT Philippines offers the finest teaching for students in Grades 11 and 12. With its Information Communication Technology (ICT) track, a hybrid of the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Academic tracks, students may pick between two specialties – Animation and Programming. Read on to learn the simple steps to enroll at CIIT’s Senior High School. Classes start …

7 Signs You Should Take a Multimedia Arts Course [Infographic]

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Should you enroll in a multimedia arts course or do you wish to know if you are destined for artistic greatness? What are telltale signs that you must study multimedia arts? So, are you a promising multimedia artist? Build your future at CIIT, a leading college of arts and technology in Quezon City that offers a bachelor’s degree in  Multimedia …

Fine Arts Degree at CIIT: What’s in It for Me?

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Various schools in the Philippines offer fine arts courses to high school graduates, especially to those who want to hone their artistry. CIIT-Philippines, for instance, teaches a special degree program that cultivates this skill. It focuses on developing lifetime values, outlooks, and useful competences. With a fine arts degree, you can expose yourself to new styles, earn in-demand professions, and …