I love receiving a lot of information about my course and the preparation procedures to help us in honing our skills for our future career(s).

Winabeth Dahilig

CIIT is filled with people who respect you for being yourself.

Lewis Chan

The aspect I like most compared to my previous college is the community here. Staff, instructors, and my classmates and peers are all very friendly and overall I feel very comfortable being surrounded by such people.

Katrina Bueno

My first year in CIIT was like a dream. I had friendly classmates, cool teachers, and a secure place. Too bad I didn’t have the chance to continue and graduate there. I really miss studying there, the people I knew, and writing whatever I want on the “Freedom Wall”. CIIT ROKZ!

Xian Moses F. Yap

I took the class last 13Nov11 and I learned a lot. What I liked the most was the afternoon walk around ABS compound to take pictures and apply what we have learned. Thanks so much!

Celeste Goco

I’m very proud that I graduate here at CIIT.Great professors, competitive activities and a good staff. Alagang alaga kami! 🙂 I’ll recommend it to my relatives and I know they will find the school great! Thank you CIIT! 🙂

Aprille Jane G. Delmiguez

I so love my experience here in CIIT the teachers have been great I only wished that my stay could have been longer but I will always keep coming back to CIIT because they have really innovated the way of teaching!!Thank you so sos much…love you!!!

Kathleen Cervania

Naalala ko pa nun 18 palang kaming student including MMA,CGD and IT..now i see the biggest improvement since 2008..highly recommended for those who have a talent..and now im working in the “SHOE DESIGN INDUSTRY..talagang 100% industry based..

Wez Bjorn Roa

CIIT Multimedia School Reviewed by Alexander Tantoco on Jun 18. CIIT – College of Arts and Technology When CIIT came to our school 2 years ago for a career orientation, I was already fascinated by the promise of this school, giving great education for an admirable cost. When I finally enrolled in CIIT, my life changed day by day, learning new stuff, making friends, specially growing up. The school’s professors are really helpful not only in class but also as a friend. Regret was a word that never came cross to my mind when I started studying here. I would undoubtedly recommend this school to my friends and family.

Alexander Tantoco

I enjoyed the free workshop and learned some basics about the 3D Animation. I am planning to enroll in CIIT in the future.

Sophia Cabantog

Great introduction to 3d modelling! Very informative and fun.


It is my first time to attend a 3dmax workshop and I learned the basics. To me there’s a lot of study to be good 3dmax user.

Ruisito C. Ambrosio