We go straight to what’s important, like for a 3D student like me, I experienced using 3D software the first day I enrolled here.

Pauline Padilla

The community is really good. Both my friends and instructors are all friendly and supportive. Even when things are stressful, I can always count on them for support and to help lighten the mood.

Trysha Ramos

The environment. The wifi. The Class. The programs we’re using. The Parties. The Events.

Mikaela Montero

Professors are really nice. And school personnel. And students. It’s a nice school. Lectures are easy to understand.

Aeriel Mallari

The things that I like the most about CIIT are the graphic design, video editing, and office software installed in all of our labs. They’re all very accessible. I also love the activities organized by the school and student council.

Jonathan Domondon

I liked the atmosphere between students and professors. When I entered CIIT back in 2014, call me naive but it didn’t feel like it was just a school; it was a community of fresh minds, passionate students and inspiring professors backed by an administration that envisioned “Your Passion, Your Career, Our Goal.” Even now, I appreciate the little extras that professors teach and discuss that can help once I’m working.

Bernardino Lozano

The teachers are very good. I learned a lot back in my first year so I’m excited for all the new stuff that I’ll learn every semester.

Ian Auacay

The other students and school staff are nice and lively. I also don’t see signs of bullying, or delinquent groups so I find the school very safe.

Charles Almasen

Has complete software installed; air-conditioned; has the necessary equipment (pentab, light box, etc.); the establishment is near food joints; guidance counselors I’ve talked to are nice and friendly; no dress code.

Candace Guerrero

I like that I am with likeminded people. People that share the same passion as mine.

Jerald Tapalla

Passionate students. Project-Based learning. Creative freedom.

Osias Bantug

Great feeling of having a sufficient working environment and relaxed social settings.

Ralph Vega