CIIT offers an environment that promotes collaboration and creativity. Located at the corner of Tomas Morato and Timog, students are treated to a lively and bustling environment both inside and outside our campus, just check out how awesome our Christmas Parties are! We have a whole host of student organizations, with interests ranging from music, to videography, and even anime. We want our students to let their creativity shine and for them to be themselves and to be with others like them. We want our students to see CIIT as their second home and the people in it as their second family.

Student Life


Here are all the orgs that we have, we are sure that you will find at least one that suits your fancy.


24 Frames (75 members)

Josh Roque (President)
Sir Jeff Laceras (Adviser)
24 Frames is committed to train the new generation of passionate Filipino videographers and filmmakers in the pursuit of Philippine Cinema. The organization also aims to produce talents that exceed in filmmaking within and beyond the institution.

Atelier (12 members)

Melle Bulong (President)
Ms. Gilly Anne Tribiana (Adviser)
Atelier is dedicated to provide opportunities for the collective growth of its artists. Atelier prides itself in its commitment towards providing holistic training and exposure in traditional arts to all of its constituents.

CIIT Gaming Community (100 members)

Bille Janssen Lagarde (Adviser)
CGC is created for students who are passionate about games: may it be board, card, or electronic. It is built for players of any level to enjoy the gaming scene and create friendships and network along the way.

Lightbox (18 members)

Ahron Zebedee S. Daffon (President)
Glenn Ramos (Adviser)
The organization was established to unite talented individuals in the field of 2D animation. LBX aims to unleash its members’ potentials and nurture their passion in the animation industry through our chosen medium.

Obscura (30 members)

Jowie Guison (President)
Chris Sanchez (Adviser)
Armed with the passion and talent in photography, the organization commits to establish a community of photographers and enthusiasts who are not just dedicated to their craft but also hones values in which the organization believes in.
a. Cooperation
b. Communication
c. Self-discipline

Pixel Hive (63 members)

Teod Patrick B. Alejandro (President)
Amabel Ampongan (Adviser)
Powerful minds filled with creativity and hands fueled by passion, our organization aims to help students learn and explore the digital world of art.
Just as bees in a hive, we work as a community to build our home, and that home is a home for Digital Artists to learn and grow.

Safezone (43 members)

Alyssa Vicente (President)
Ms. Gia Zurbano (Adviser)
“We stand for you, we stand with you.”
Safezone is an organization that promotes equality and acceptance to the LGBTQ+ community by creating an environment that lets individuals be comfortable in their own skin. The organization advocates anti-harassment and awareness outside the LGBTQ+ community about the advocacy.


Jeric D. Batarina (President)
Mr. Gary June Benoya (Adviser)
Syntax is an organization that aims to promote the software development abilities of CIIT College of Arts and Technology students on and off-campus.

Telon 21 Members

Maica Nicole P. Malabana (President)
Ms. Jen Valerio (Adviser)
Ang Telon ay ang pamilya ng mga alagad ng teatro sa CIIT College of Arts and Technology. Layunin ng grupo na ipalaganap ang pagmamahal sa aming napiling sining sa pamamagitan ng pagsasadula ng iba’t ibang mga istorya na binuo at binigyang buhay ng aming mga miyembro.

Tunes 65 Members

Fender Mendoza (President)
Ms. Johna Shieza (Adviser)
TUNES is a community of students who share their love for music. The organization encourages its members to express themselves freely through singing, playing instruments, or just by simply enjoying music.