CIIT offers an environment that promotes collaboration and creativity. Located at the corner of Tomas Morato and Timog, students are treated to a lively and bustling environment both inside and outside our campus, just check out how awesome our Christmas Parties are! We have a whole host of student organizations, with interests ranging from music, to videography, and even anime. We want our students to let their creativity shine and for them to be themselves and to be with others like them. We want our students to see CIIT as their second home and the people in it as their second family.

Student Life


Here are all the orgs that we have, we are sure that you will find at least one that suits your fancy.


CIIT Atleta (Cat-Leta)

The official student athletic team of CIIT that represents the school in any sport-related competition and events, and spear-heads in sport events like annual SportsFest.
CIIT Media

CIIT Media

The official student publication of CIIT. Produced annual magazine “Assemblage”, and “CIIT Dot” newspaper per trimester.
24 Frames

24 Frames

An organization that focuses on Videography and Filmmaking.
Pixel Hive

Pixel Hive

Established to provide a community of digital illustrators and concept designers.
Clickers Club

CIIT Clicker’s Club

Still-photo production and camera-related organization providing documentation in CIIT events and widening knowledge and practices of members in the field of Photography.

XYZ (3D)

Established to train, cultivate and inspire students to develop and showcase their skills in 3D illustration and animation.
MAD Comics

M.A.D. Comics (Mead and Dragon Comic Publication)

Group of students that expose their skill, knowledge and passion in graphic novels by publishing comics.

Code Development Enthusiast (Co.D.E)

The organization will focus on game and software development.

CIIT Street Dance Crew (CSDC)

Hip-hop and modern dance group of student performing in school events and outside the campus
CIIT Tunes

CIIT Tunes

An organization intended for musically inclined students.

All About Anime (AAA)

Group of enthusiasts focuses on broadening mainly on Anime and as well as Japanese culture.
Game Board

Game Board

Enthusiasts organization that guide its members to embetterment by the medium of tabletop games.