Indie Feels: Feeling All the Feels (College XMAS Party 2016)

URBN QC was filled to the brim with amazing music, talented musicians, hyped up students, and great food last December 21, 2016 for CIIT’s college student “Indie Feels” Christmas party. It was a wonderful way to end the year and to recognize all the talented and amazing members of the student body. The party kicked off with an awesome dance number by the members of the Student Council (high five for organizing all this guys) which was followed by their oath-taking led by CIIT College dean Avonn Nova. Dean Nova and some of our teachers also awarded the certificates for the students that made it to the Dean’s List (CONGRATS GUYS!). There were games such as the eggplant relay that some faculty members joined. Some senior high kids even dropped by to chill and have fun with their older schoolmates.

The highlight of the party (aside from the AMAZING isaw) was undoubtedly all the amazing music courtesy of the participants of the Battle of the Bands and local band SUD. There were acoustic covers, original songs, and all kinds of music from almost every genre conceivable. All in all Indie Feels was one heck of a way for the students to start their holidays, bond with each other, and strut their stuff.

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