CIIT Joins QC Animation and IT Fair 2017

Quezon City recently held its annual Animation and IT Fair last February 23 - 25, 2017 at the QCX Museum. CIIT was among the exhibitors along with other members of the animation and IT industry such as Zeenoh Games, BusinessWorld, the Animation Council of the Philippines, the Korea-Philippines IT Training Center (who also helped organize the event), and many more. There were talks, contests, presentations, prizes, and all sorts of fun stuff to see in the fair.

CIIT's Business Development Manager, Nadine delos Reyes, was given the chance to talk about our school, our programs, and our advocacy.

Here's a peek at what happened during the Fair:

QC IT Fair 2017

QC IT Fair 2017_a

QC IT Fair 2017_b

QC IT Fair 2017_c

QC IT Fair 2017_d

QC IT Fair 2017_e

QC IT Fair 2017_f

QC IT Fair 2017_g

QC IT Fair 2017_h

QC IT Fair 2017_i

QC IT Fair 2017_j

QC IT Fair 2017_k

QC IT Fair 2017_l