Diploma in 3D Animation


This two-year program includes competencies in the fields of 3D Animation (3D Animation, 3D Advanced Animation, and Animation Technique); 3D Modeling (Introduction to 3Ds Max, 3D Pipeline, Structural Modeling, and Advanced 3D Modeling); Rendering (3D Texture, Rendering ,and Lighting); SFX (3D Special Effects, and 3D Post-Production, and Compositing).

The Diploma in 3D Animation can lead to four major fields of expertise that can work in Film, Animation, and Game Production.1) 3D Modeling - focuses on the development of both organic and structural models used in animation and games.2) Rendering - focuses on texture creation, UV mapping, rendering, and lighting.3) 3D Animation - focuses on Character Rigging, Structural Rigging, Environment Animation, and Animation proper.4) 3D Animation - focuses on 3D Dynamics and Compositing, directed towards the creation of special effects, particle manipulation, and post-production and compositing.The career path for this diploma course leads to careers such as a 3D Modeler, 3D Texture Artist, 3D Animator, SFX Designer, and Compositor. It can also lead to a 3D Generalist with a widened focus on careers in 3D Animation for Film, Animation, and Games.


  • Introduction to Computers & Applications
  • Elements of Graphic Design
  • English Communication
  • PC Competency
  • PE I
  • Orientation I
  • Introduction to Humanities
  • Academic Reading & Writing I
  • Graphics Illustration I
  • 3D Structural Modeling
  • Business Organization
  • Introduction to 3D & 3Ds Max
  • Computer Application in Art & Design
  • Academic Reading & Writing II
  • Business Ethics
  • Image Manipulation Application
  • 3D Advance Modeling
  • 3D Pipeline
  • Traditional Animation
  • 3D Texture, Rendering & Lighting
  • English in the Work Place
  • Animation Technique
  • Photography I
  • Web Designing & Publishing
  • Business Communication
  • Civic Welfare Service I
  • 3D Animation
  • Advertising Design I
  • PE II
  • Entrepreneurship Studies
  • 3D Special Effects
  • 3D Advanced Animation
  • Project I
  • Orientation II
  • Civic Welfare Service II
  • Business Mathematics
  • 3D Post Production & Compositing
  • Practicum
  • Project II