K-12-C (K-12 to College) Program of CIIT

The K-12 Basic Education Program covers 12 years of basic education from Kindergarten, six years of Elementary Education, four years of Junior High School (JHS), and an additional two years for Senior High School (SHS). The additional two years of SHS, or Grades 11 and 12, aims to provide the necessary skills and competencies of the students to prepare them for college or a career they want to pursue.

The SHS curriculum will allow students to undergo specialized programs in business management, social sciences, sports and arts, industrial arts, or Information Communication Technology (ICT), among others. These programs are categorized in three tracks: Academic, Sports and Arts, and Technical Vocation Education and Training (TVET).

The Senior High School (SHS) program of CIIT offers specialized education for Grades 11 and 12. Through its track in Information Communication Technology (ICT), a hybrid of the Academic and Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) tracks and Arts and Design, students may choose which specialization to pursue in Senior High School – Media and Visual Arts (Multimedia Arts), Animation and Programming.

Here is a guide to these three specialized tracks, which might help in determining which of the three will be most applicable to you based on your interests or skills.


  • This specialization offers an understanding and development of Filipino identity in the arts and proficiency in the visual arts and design. It focuses on the leadership and management in different arts fields that intend to enrich the learner's knowledge and skills which gives emphasis to the artistic, educational, cultural and ethical values.
  • This specialized track is fit for those who are into advertising, painting, sculpting, photography, film making, graphic designing and other engagement in other forms of multimedia arts.
  • Career Options: Director, Videographer, Photographer, Production Designer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator


  • This specialization serves as an introduction to the fundamentals of design. This track will enhance the creative and technical skills of the students, which can be applied across a variety of digital mediums and communication platforms. This covers general principles, concepts, and techniques of visual communication.
  • This specialized track is fit for those who are into photography, sketching, drawing and design, painting, web design, video editing, 2D or 3D animation, online & social media applications and digital platforms, among others.
  • Career Options: Videographer, Dynamic/Animated Web Designer, Director, Post-production Artist, 3D Animator, 3D Architectural Designer


  • A primer to broad principles of programming and computer science, this track is an introduction to the methods of software development and design. This program covers theories and algorithm that will be relevant as you create applications from enterprise solutions to computer games, using technologies in Oracle, Java and .NET.
  • This specialized track is especially suitable for those who are into computers and electronics, applications, gaming, coding, software, online platforms, design and illustration, among others.
  • Career Options: System Programmer, System Analyst, Software Application Developer/Engineer, Graphics Programmer, Game Designer, Senior interactive Software Developer

In 2016, CIIT has begun offering its SHS program to the first batch of JHS graduates. Students may choose to pursue specialized education in ANIMATION, MEDIA AND VISUAL ARTS (MULTIMEDIA ARTS) AND PROGRAMMING. When they graduate from Grade 12 of Senior High, students who will take Animation will be granted a National Certificate Level 2 (NC II) for increased employability should they decide to work thereafter; and a SHS Diploma for students taking Animation, Media and Visual Arts (Multimedia Arts) and Programming, to continue to a college degree in CIIT.

All applicable subjects taken in Grades 11 and 12 will be credited should the student decide to pursue any of the bachelor's degree offered by CIIT, resulting to a lesser stay in college.

CIIT Programs: infographic

For more information on the K-12 program of the Department of Education, and the K-12-C Program of CIIT, please visit www.k12philippines.com, or CIIT's K12 Education Program video. Questions and concerns related to the K-12-C program may be addressed through our contact information.