Diploma and Double Diploma in Digital Design

Diploma Program

CIIT has designed its Diploma Program to take you from the Campus to your dream Career in somewhat over two years. By narrowing industry relevant minor subjects and aiming more on major subjects, CIIT arms you with first-rate skills needed in the workplace. These well-tried courses make sure you graduate as a perfect and highly adept candidate in Digital/Multimedia Arts and in Information Technology (IT).

Double Diploma Program

With CIIT’s Double Diploma Program, you can mix two Diploma Programs under the same Faculty (Digital Arts or IT). Thus, you learn each major subject in both courses. This program offers the rewards of merging two complementary disciplines, allowing a richer digital art experience. For instance, you can mix Multimedia Arts and 3D Animation. This teaches you skills in video shooting, adding special effects, using 3D objects, and adding 3D motion graphics. Your skill range and depth of knowledge give you an edge over other graduates. This program differs since you study not only one 3D Animation or one Video editing subject. But you are learning six to ten 3D major subjects and six other major Multimedia Arts subjects. Likewise, it centers on the major subjects that are so relevant to your future Arts or IT career. Another plus—it takes you only 1 1/2 more years to complete the second diploma course.
Course Combinations
  • Double Diploma in Computer Graphics Design + Multimedia Application
  • Double Diploma in Computer Graphics Design + 3D Animation
  • Double Diploma in Multimedia Application + 3D Animation
double diploma