BA Multimedia Arts

CIIT’s BA Multimedia Arts (BAMMA) course is geared towards making our students stand out in their chosen medium of expression. Our program is designed to not only enhance your creative talents, but to foster critical thinking, improve your efficiency, and diversify your repertoire or skills.


  • Animation
  • Film/Video Production
  • Graphic Design


  • Digital Storyboarding
  • Stop-Motion Animation
  • Acting for Animation
  • Advanced 3D Animation
  • Writing for Film and Television
  • Acting and Directing for Film
  • Documentary Film
  • Cinematography
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D/4D Graphics
  • Fashion Graphics
  • Brand and Packaging Design


With the recent progress and opportunities brought about by the digital age, graduates of this course have the advantage of being employable anywhere due to their diverse skillset. They can work in advertising firms, corporations, production houses, video game studios, or as freelancers. Possible career opportunities include:

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors
  • Video and Audio Production Professionals
  • Graphic Designer & Illustrator
  • Animators
  • Multimedia Designers
  • Multimedia Educators

Sample Works