BA Multimedia Arts

Multimedia is all around us. We see, feel, and hear it almost every day. Thus, it is only fitting that we offer our aspiring multimedia experts the perfect venue for them to hone their skills. As one of the growing trades in the country, the demand for multimedia jobs is in full bloom. Every firm today needs a person who has the right set of skills in this field. It is useful in many ways: for promos, learning, sales, and more. This is what makes BA Multimedia Arts graduates crucial for the growth of many firms in the Philippines.

CIIT plays a big role in helping students hone their potentials and sharpen their wits. As a premier multimedia arts school in the country, we make sure that our students are ready to get on a career that they can handle easily.

Under our BA Multimedia Arts degree, we offer 2 specializations which students can choose from, all of which can equally offer a job in the field.

1. BA - Multimedia Arts specializing in 3D Visualization

3D Graphic Artists are one of the most in demand and highly paid professionals in the creative industry today. 3D has a wide range of applications such as Movies and Cartoons, Architecture, Game Development, Product Design and Tri-Media Advertising. The demand for top talent in this field means that graduates will have many opportunities both local and global to explore. Students will be trained in all aspects of 3D Art, from creating human models, special effects, to animation and bringing their creations to life on their media of choice.

Fields of Specialization

  • 3D Texture, Render and Lighting
  • 3D Advanced Modeling
  • 3D Special Effects
  • 3D Advanced Animation
  • Graphics Illustration
  • 3D Post Production & Composting

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2. BA - Multimedia Arts specializing in Video and Motion Graphics

Specialists in Interactive Multimedia Programming, Electronic Publishing, and Digital Audio and Video have always been at the forefront of the digital age. Whether working for advertising agencies and production houses, or working on the newer mediums of Online Learning, Computer Animation, Flash Web Site Design, and Interactive CD Authoring, students will be trained in the latest software and technologies to become professionals in one of the most in-demand fields today.

Fields of Specialization

  • Video Production & Editing
  • Visual Effect & Composting
  • Script Writing
  • Web Design
  • Flash Animation
  • Multimedia & Internet Development

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