BA Fine Arts

CIIT’s BA Fine Arts program is here to help sharpen your skills and to let your creativity shine. The subjects of our Fine Arts program will not only cover traditional techniques like drawing and painting, but give them new life by bringing them into the digital world.


  • Visual Communication


  • Visual Design
  • Figure Drawing
  • Production Methods
  • Design Workshop
  • Photography
  • Advertising Design
  • Production for Electronic Media
  • Design Theory
  • Visual Communication
  • Visual-Verbal Communication
  • Techniques
  • Materials


Because of how the course is designed, graduates of our BAFA program can find employment in any industry, be it in the academe as educators, in the corporate world as members of a marketing department or media agency, or even as artists, creating masterpieces for the world to see. The possibilities are endless for CIIT’s BAFA graduates.

  • Digital Painters/ Artist
  • Production Designer
  • New Media Specialists
  • Visual Communicators
  • Visual Merchandisers
  • Art Educators
  • Art Historians
  • Exhibiting Artist

Sample Works










pop art