Bachelor of Science in Digital Animation


Digital Animation prepares students to be professionals in the field of animation, with the primary focus on their creative gifts and drawing skills and their knowledge on the technical side of animation and its production. The individual’s capability to design and conceptualize possible solutions in bringing different concepts to life will enable them to produce animated products. This will then showcase their talents in the vast and different fields of digital animation course.

Fields of Specialization

  • Computer Graphics Programming
  • Animation Design and Production
  • Script Writing
  • 3D Special Effects
  • 3D Advanced Animation
  • Audio Design and Sound Engineering

Digital Animation Course - Careers

  • Digital 2D or 3D animation content producer - create, manage, and update multimedia content for a business. Content in the website, social media, mobile applications, interactive media, and other digital products may differ. They are also responsible for website design or programming, web analytics, keywords and SEO.
  • Technical Director for Game Art - assesses and validates the technical development of all games, including those developed internally and those developed by third parties. He also collaborates across departments to ensure that everybody is implementing the optimal technical vision for each product.
  • Creative Programmer - implements high quality solutions and function for creative applications. He oversees the general direction for design, develops, troubleshoots, debugs, and implements software code. He develops the concept, interface design, and architecture of a system.
  • Technical Director for modelling/rigging/lighting - works with art designers and animators to realize a character in digital form. They shape the character's 3D geometry and deliver a well-designed set of animation controls. Rigging is the process of giving character controls for movement, articulating its ranges of motion.

Digital Animation Course - Subjects

  • Programming & Problem Solving Concepts
  • Introduction to Computers & Applications
  • Elementary Analysis
  • Trigonometry
  • Data Analysis & Database Design
  • Intro to Information Communications Technology
  • Fundamentals of Programming & Data Structures
  • Traditional Animation
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Computer Graphics Programming
  • Usability, HCL & User Interaction Design
  • Animation Technique
  • Introduction to GDD
  • 3D Animation
  • Audio Design & Sound Engineering
  • Scriptwriting
  • Data Structures & Algorithm
  • Design & Aesthetics
  • Applications Development & Emerging Technologies
  • Advance Sound Production
  • Texture & Mapping
  • Introduction to 3D & 3Ds Max
  • 3D Advance Modelling
  • Video Production & Editing
  • 3D Texture, Rendering & Lighting
  • Project I
  • 3D Special Effects
  • 3D Post Production & Compositing
  • 3D Advanced Animation
  • Seminars & Field Trip
  • Animation Design & Production
  • Project II / Thesis II
  • Industrial Training / Practicum