In line with CIIT’s mission of always providing the best IT and Arts education, and as part of our continuing effort to keep up with the times, we are now offering this Adobe Creative Cloud course AND equipping all of our lab computers with CC. For those with no Adobe Creative Cloud (CC), you can get your own software license by enrolling here!

The introductory course will last for half a day and will introduce its participants to the new features of Adobe CC, as well as some hands-on tutorials for some CC programs (we encourage you guys to bring your own laptops/devices for this).

Adobe CC licenses are also available for CIIT graduates (diploma, specialists, and corporate trainees) and current students. These people are not required to attend the CC introduction class.

The licenses are valid for a year so what are you waiting for? Adobe CC has all new amazing features and improvements from previous Adobe Creative Suites such as:

Cloud Based Software

One installation, one account, multiple devices. Create art on the fly by having CC both on your PC and one additional device. Continue working on your creations no matter where you are.

Cloud Storage

Store your projects online and work on them wherever you are.

Full Access to all Adobe Creative Cloud Programs

Subscribing to Adobe CC grants you access to all the programs that you need to create your art.

Up-to-date Software

Your Adobe CC subscription automatically updates all your CC programs whenever a new update is released during your subscription period.

Mobile Apps

Tons of new mobile apps to help you create art on your phones and tablets.