Rewards of Choosing an Animation Course in Senior High School

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In terms of salary and job satisfaction, animation continues to be one of the most sought-after careers among young graduates. Despite its tough nature, here are the reasons you should still pursue a senior high school animation track. Reasons to Pursue a Senior High School Animation Track An exciting dream job for almost everyone is bringing life to static images, …

Useful Stop Motion Animation Kits to Improve Your Creativity

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Stop motion animation (SMA) is a great means to fulfill your passion in taking photos and videos. It can even hone your creativity while keeping pace and using technology. Learn more about this filmmaking technique as CIIT Philippines, a 3D animation school in Manila, tackles its must-knows and must-haves. Stop Motion Animation Defined SMA is a filmmaking method that makes …

How Senior High Programming Teachers Can Boost Their Skills

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People expect senior high school programming mentors to excel not only in teaching, but also in software development and design methods. If you are among them, you probably know that your knowledge and ability can greatly affect your students’ success in their chosen track. The tips we have listed below can make that result possible. Heeding these tips will not …

What You Should Know about CIIT’s Senior High School Animation

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Senior high school animation is one of CIIT’s special courses under the Information Communication Technology (ICT) track for Grades 11 and 12. Browse through these course’s details if you dream to become an animator in the future. What is Included in the CIIT’s Senior High School Animation Track? CIIT’s senior high school animation track will acquaint you with the basics of …

Four Things to Know Before Diving into Senior High Programming

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Are you an incoming senior high school student struggling or intimidated by the tough process of fulfilling your dream to become a skilled programmer? If so, this post is for you. We, at CIIT, have listed the four things you should know before you jump into a senior high school programming course. Besides boosting your drive to pursue programming, these …

Ten Struggles Only Programming Students Will Understand

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In choosing the senior high school programming track, expect it’s both fulfilling and draining. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy achievements and face struggles that only those studying the course can understand. Moreover, if you’re experiencing another “bang your head on the wall” moment, CIIT Philippines offers you comfort through this infographic. Hence, if you’re will pursue the senior high school programming track, prepare …

10 Lesser-Known Animation Jobs Students Can Try After Graduation

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Unlike what most people think, many prospects await senior high school animation students after they graduate. Thus, CIIT shares here a few lesser-known jobs and their descriptions.  1. Background Painter – in charge of creating backgrounds for animated and live-action films. One may draw, paint, or create outputs by hand, by computer, or both. Further, this post asks for advanced …

Six Major Challenges Facing Senior High School Animation Students

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Besides excitement, challenges are also part of learning animation. If you’re a senior high school student taking a track in animation, you should learn and surpass these trials so you can become effective, if not the best, in the industry. How will you know these trials? To help you prepare and advance in your future career, below is a list …