Steps to Knowing Which Senior High School Track Best Fits You

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Students in the Philippines must now pass through two divisions in high school, such as junior and senior, for them to earn a full-fledged diploma. So, to keep up with the K-12 mandate of the Department of Education (DepEd), schools now offer junior (Grades 7-10) and senior high (Grades 11-12). Grade 10 finishers earn a certification by the end of …

What You Must Know about CIIT’s Senior High School Animation Track

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Are you one of the clueless incoming senior high school students? Well, in choosing the right strand, you must pick the right career that fits your persona. Certain factors affect how you choose a senior high school track for your k-12 education. Your interests, hobbies, and skills define the career path you must take whether it’s senior high school animation …

K-12: A Review of the New Senior High School Grading System

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The education sector is set to mark a milestone this school year, 2016-2017, as the first batch of students enters their first senior year in high school. While it’s been years since the government effected the new program, many teachers, students, and parents remain clueless on certain details about it. One of which includes the grading system. New Grading System …

Six Major Challenges Facing Senior High School Animation Students

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Besides excitement, challenges are also part of learning animation. If you’re a senior high school student taking a track in animation, you should learn and surpass these trials so you can become effective, if not the best, in the industry. How will you know these trials? To help you prepare and advance in your future career, below is a list …

CIIT- Best IT School to Study K12’s Programming Course

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Inside the Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) Track Did you know that K-12 prepares students for a job as early as 7th grade? The Technological Livelihood Education (TLE) subjects in Junior High School follow the standards of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). This gives students taking Animation a national certification level II (NC II) vital for the field. If a …

Useful Stop Motion Animation Kits to Improve Your Creativity

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Stop motion animation (SMA) is a great means to fulfill your passion in taking photos and videos. It can even hone your creativity while keeping pace and using technology. Learn more about this filmmaking technique as CIIT Philippines, a 3D animation school in Manila, tackles its must-knows and must-haves. Stop Motion Animation Defined SMA is a filmmaking method that makes …

How Senior High Programming Teachers Can Boost Their Skills

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People expect senior high school programming mentors to excel not only in teaching, but also in software development and design methods. If you are among them, you probably know that your knowledge and ability can greatly affect your students’ success in their chosen track. The tips we have listed below can make that result possible. Heeding these tips will not …