Famous Software Engineers and How to Become Like Them

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Still unsure of what track to take in senior high? If you’re into apps, software, and computer programming, pursuing a senior high school programming track and a computer science course can help you set your career path well. To help you realize what you can become and achieve, below is an infographic of famous software engineers and their gifts to …

Ethical Hacking: Your Guide to Ethical Hackers’ Color-Coded Hats

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Have you ever experienced having your social media account hacked by a friend as a joke? Did you prank your friend back by taking wacky photos using his phone? At this point, you glimpsed on how hacking functions for fun. While this seems harmless, did you know hacking goes beyond amusement? Often, hackers violate data privacy, and even ask for …

Which Senior High School Track Suits Your Personality

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Career choices take the center stage when jump-starting your career. Of the four main senior high school tracks: Academic track, Technical-Vocational-Livelihood track, Sports track, and Arts and Design track, you must choose what track fits your personality and interests. There are various ways to know your personality type. You can take a personality quiz or consult a guidance counselor. However, …

What You Need to Know Before Starting a Programming Course

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Soon the first batch of senior high school students will conquer the workforce or further their education in college. Are you baffled on what track to take in your senior year? Maybe you’re weighing your options to work or want to go a step higher to become a skilled programmer after graduation. This makes choosing the right senior high school …

Computer Programming Course Grooms the World’s Finest IT Experts

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The demand for IT experts will continue to rise. Since we live in the age of Facebook, Google, Uber, Paypal, Fitbit, Amazon, etc., it’s easy to find a place for software developers in the corporate world. Hence, to keep up with this growing demand for IT professionals, more schools offer computer programming courses. Moreover, to assist the computer-aided world that …

Learn Robotics, Game Design, and Animation This Summer Vacation

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Summer break is fast approaching. It’s one of children’s most favorite time of the year. Students waited 10 months for summer break, so each precious moment must count. They may have already set high expectations on activities they look forward to doing during their free time. To make their break worthwhile, enroll them in state-of-the-art summer workshops for children where …

How Senior High Programming Teachers Can Boost Their Skills

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People expect senior high school programming mentors to excel not only in teaching, but also in software development and design methods. If you are among them, you probably know that your knowledge and ability can greatly affect your students’ success in their chosen track. The tips we have listed below can make that result possible. Heeding these tips will not …

Ten Struggles Only Programming Students Will Understand

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In choosing the senior high school programming track, expect it’s both fulfilling and draining. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy achievements and face struggles that only those studying the course can understand. Moreover, if you’re experiencing another “bang your head on the wall” moment, CIIT Philippines offers you comfort through this infographic. Hence, if you’re will pursue the senior high school programming track, prepare …