Multimedia Courses: Choosing a Major for a More Lucrative Career

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Most learners now want courses related to multimedia arts because of the rewards it gives. Hence, if you want to gain from this in-demand field, too, know what multimedia arts subjects you should take and the prospects for your career as you complete it. So, read this article to learn more. Multimedia Arts Subjects to Master In choosing a course, …

Is Multimedia Arts the Right Course for You?

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For people who eat, sleep, and breathe art, being a multimedia arts school student is both challenging and fulfilling. Yet taking this course is no easy task, more so if you don’t know where you’re heading. Therefore, to guide you in your journey, read on and discover what you should ponder before you enroll in a multimedia arts degree. Points …

BA Multimedia Arts Course at CIIT: What’s in It for You?

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The need for web designers, multimedia artists, and animators has grown in the past years, making multimedia arts course a popular choice among college freshmen in the Philippines. In fact, since we grew up watching Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks films, many of us find digital arts as a legitimate career venture. Growing Market for Multimedia Arts Course in the Philippines …

Where to Find the Perfect Animation Course in the Philippines?

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Do you dream of working in the video game, TV, film, or web design industry someday? If any of these fields excite you; then, you must hunt for the best multimedia arts college that offers the most inclusive animation course in the Philippines. A Perfect Career Option A thorough background in animation may lead you to a number of exciting …

Job Outlook for Multimedia Arts Graduates in the Philippines

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We’ve heard you. Multimedia Arts in the Philippines is expensive, superficial, and delusional. There have been so many myths surrounding the field that they’re already preventing youthful talents—out-of-the-box right brainers who could have been in-demands asset of the country—to pursue their dreams and enroll in a multimedia arts course. And the entire fallacy is built into four words: “Artistic careers …

Perks “Tiga South” People Will Get from Studying at CIIT Alabang

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Want to turn your weekends into something productive? Open for students and professionals alike, CIIT Philippines now offers specialist courses in Alabang. “Tiga South” or people living in Southern NCR and nearby provinces like Laguna and Cavite can now enroll for short courses in digital marketing, web design, and multimedia. Aside from skills upgrade, you can also take advantage of …