Perks “Tiga South” People Will Get from Studying at CIIT Alabang

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Want to turn your weekends into something productive? Open for students and professionals alike, CIIT Philippines now offers specialist courses in Alabang. “Tiga South” or people living in Southern NCR and nearby provinces like Laguna and Cavite can now enroll for short courses in digital marketing, web design, and multimedia. Aside from skills upgrade, you can also take advantage of …

How to Overcome Creative Block (Tips for Graphic Designers)

Graphic Design, Multimedia Art School, Multimedia Arts

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Are you struggling for ideas, again? This experience is normal for graphic designers, but when this happens often, surviving graphic design school will be more demanding and troublesome. To make your life easier until graduation, here are a handful of tips on overcoming creative block. Overcoming Creative Block and Surviving Graphic Design School 1. Assess yourself. Before you panic and do …

Highly Effective Tips in Finding the Best Graphic Design School

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Are you an incoming senior high school (SHS) student with a passion for graphic design? If yes, Arts and Design is the right track for you to hone your skills in this field. Maybe, you’re still undecided on the school to attend. Hence, what should you consider in choosing a graphic design school? Note the following tips to decide which SHS …