Rewards of Choosing an Animation Course in Senior High School

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In terms of salary and job satisfaction, animation continues to be one of the most sought-after careers among young graduates. Despite its tough nature, here are the reasons you should still pursue a senior high school animation track. Reasons to Pursue a Senior High School Animation Track An exciting dream job for almost everyone is bringing life to static images, …

Four Things to Know Before Diving into Senior High Programming

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Are you an incoming senior high school student struggling or intimidated by the tough process of fulfilling your dream to become a skilled programmer? If so, this post is for you. We, at CIIT, have listed the four things you should know before you jump into a senior high school programming course. Besides boosting your drive to pursue programming, these …

10 Lesser-Known Animation Jobs Students Can Try After Graduation

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Unlike what most people think, many prospects await senior high school animation students after they graduate. Thus, CIIT shares here a few lesser-known jobs and their descriptions.  1. Background Painter – in charge of creating backgrounds for animated and live-action films. One may draw, paint, or create outputs by hand, by computer, or both. Further, this post asks for advanced …

What Senior High School Track Fits Your Personality? [Infographic]

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Are you meant to be a fine arts teacher, artist, musician, or entrepreneur? Find out your high school track on this fun infographic quiz from CIIT, the top college offering senior high school programming! Most psychologists and experts say that people with INTP, ISTJ, ISTP, ENTP, and INTJ personalities are most likely to enjoy programming than other Myers-Briggs types. But …

Mobile Game Programming Course: Virtual vs. Augmented Reality [Infographic]

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The rise of Pokemon Go does not just give new meaning to your gaming experience. More than bringing you to another dimension in both the real and digital worlds, the game has stressed the contrasts between virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Thanks to the mobile game programming course, pros and students can now help bring the best modern …

Eight Big Reasons to Enroll in a K12 Programming School [Infographic]

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Programming is now a basic literacy in this digital age. If you lack any idea on this topic, check out this infographic and discover the eight big reasons why you should learn coding and enroll in a K12 programming school. For more information about our K12 programming school, you may also check out, an informational website about the new K-12-C …

What to Look for in a K12 Programming School in the Philippines

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In reaching senior high school (SHS), students and parents face great challenges such as choosing the right track, deciding on the course to pursue, and finding the best school. Those inclined to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) may think of going into programming. If so, which school will you choose? Below is a list of the top qualities parents and …