5 Reasons to Study Advanced Photography Courses and Go beyond IG

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Photography or the art of taking and processing pictures, according to many online sources, has been a hobby and career for most people. However, as photo-sharing apps such as Instagram or IG continue to upgrade, the difference between pros and hobbyists has become vague. People now teach themselves than enroll in advanced photography courses. Yet, learning it on your own …

What to Look Forward to If You Take up a 3D Animation Course

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Before, it was only Fine and Traditional Arts. Artists use paintbrushes and canvas, carve on wood, or sculpt marble to create art. But with the dawn of the digital age, computer-aided or Digital Arts have gone mainstream. Artists can now express themselves using computer software. Art has also taken an interactive form. Drawings are no longer just lines and color …

Careers You Can Pursue with a Game Development Course

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Contrary to what most people think, a game development course can lead you to numerous opportunities in the workforce. If you’re a parent looking for a career path for your child, consider this field. Read on to know more about the game development industry in our country. The Rise of Game Development Course The Philippines has a significant number of …

Multimedia Courses: Choosing a Major for a More Lucrative Career

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Most learners now want courses related to multimedia arts because of the rewards it gives. Hence, if you want to gain from this in-demand field, too, know what multimedia arts subjects you should take and the prospects for your career as you complete it. So, read this article to learn more. Multimedia Arts Subjects to Master In choosing a course, …

Find What Graphic Design Jobs Fit You to Career Growth

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Graphic design field serves numerous careers on your plate. You are lucky to choose from Multimedia Arts strands that can cater your artistic skills. Today, graphic design jobs are the ad marketing’s crème de la crème. Firms hire graphic designer either to help them increase sales or to strengthen web and print content. If you are tracking down a graphic …

Is Multimedia Arts the Right Course for You?

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For people who eat, sleep, and breathe art, being a multimedia arts school student is both challenging and fulfilling. Yet taking this course is no easy task, more so if you don’t know where you’re heading. Therefore, to guide you in your journey, read on and discover what you should ponder before you enroll in a multimedia arts degree. Points …