Tips to Overcome Creative Block for Aspiring Digital Artists

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It’s just normal for even the most inventive people to experience creative blocks. Unless you have a bottomless pit of ideas (literally and figuratively), you’d get stuck in a rut at least once in your life. However, you don’t need to fret when it happens, since there’s always a way (or two and some more) out of the woods. Especially …

Despite Naysayers, Computer Science Majors Stay In-Demand

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A study by an Oxford University expert points out the lack of jobs for computer science graduates. The data notes, too, how one of 10 computer science graduates sweats to land a job within six months after graduation. However, computer science graduates must not fret. A contrary report, issued just a few months ago, negated prior claims. In fact, it …

The Best iOS and Android Fine Arts Apps for College Students

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Aside from entertainment, schools can use mobile applications or apps as study buddies, more so for those enrolled in a fine arts school. From sketching, drawing, and painting to photo editing, here are the best Android and iOS apps for students enrolled in a fine arts course. List of iOS and Android Apps for Students iOS Apps for Fine Arts …

What You Need to Know about Game Development and Its Industry

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Have you heard of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games? If you’re a gamer, you may have played League of Legends, Mobile Legends, Dota, and more. Computer and mobile games have taken most of the stage in the Filipinos’ leisure medium. It has changed the way we learn, live, play, and control our economy. Today, gaming development continues to emerge …

5 Reasons to Study Advanced Photography Courses and Go beyond IG

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Photography or the art of taking and processing pictures, according to many online sources, has been a hobby and career for most people. However, as photo-sharing apps such as Instagram or IG continue to upgrade, the difference between pros and hobbyists has become vague. People now teach themselves than enroll in advanced photography courses. Yet, learning it on your own …

What to Expect If You Study a 3D Animation Course

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Before, it was only Fine and Traditional Arts. Artists use paintbrush and canvas, carve on wood, or sculpt marble to create art. But with the dawn of the digital age, computer-aided or Digital Arts have gone mainstream. Artists can now express themselves with the help of computer software. In fact, art has also taken an interactive form. Drawings are not …