How Female Software Engineers Break Gender Stereotyping

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Do you dream to become one of the few female software engineers? Read on and learn as CIIT, a software engineering college, uncovers how female developers break gender stereotyping in their industry.  Gender Divide Is Still Wide in Tech Walking into any tech company, you can easily notice how male software engineers dominate and outnumber their female colleagues. Experts name …

Seven Steps to Jumpstart a Career in Software Engineering

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Whether you’re a software engineering student or a jobless professional hoping to jumpstart a career after graduation, this article is for you. Top software engineering school, CIIT, has listed a few practical tips on how you can jumpstart a career in software engineering. Check this out. Software engineering is a fast-growing field with a high-pay potential. If you want to …

Seven Reasons Why 3D Animation is Vital in Advertising

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Through 3D animation, you can bring the power of creativity and imagination to your marketing ads. You can show off almost any service or product to your clients and make it an effective selling tool especially when it goes well with your target market. Ever wonder why many firms fancy using computer-generated images in their campaigns? Here are the top …

Top 10 Mobile Games to Watch out for in 2016

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This year is going to be another great year for mobile game development. To give you some proofs, here are the top mobile games that Filipinos should look forward to this 2016. 1. Pokemon Go Yes, you read that right! Our all-time favorite is going mobile! With the success of its video game version, many analysts expect Pokémon Go to …

Ten Best Game Engines for Mobile Game Developers

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Are you on the hunt for the best mobile game development tool? Take your pick from these ten best game engines today (listed in no particular order). 1. Cocos2D Many designers consider this open source cross-platform as one of the few gaming engines that’s not only versatile, but also particularly optimized for new developers. While it can be complex, its features …

#PhotoshopFail: What’s Wrong With These Pictures?

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Photo editing has become a trend in this digital age. In fact, it has become a habit among firms and agencies to perfect their shots using professional editing software like Adobe Photoshop. Sadly, not all are good at enhancing pictures—some of them even turn viewers’ regular boring day into a funny one. CIIT compiles some of the most popular #PhotoshopFail …

CIIT Reviews Millennials’ Top 10 Most Wanted College Majors

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Are you curious on the course your millennial child would like to pursue in college? Professional social networking site, LinkedIn, surveyed its 300 million user profiles to dig up the ten most desired career paths of this famous generation. Look at these most wanted college majors of millennials: 1. Information Science and Technology Careers related to IST are on the …

Why the Philippines Lack Mobile Game Developers

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As the mobile game development field grows, opportunities and the demand for more workers rise. It could be the next call center industry as viewed by Philippines Trade Commissioner and Director Jose Dinsay in the recent Game Developer Conference at Moscone Center. Yet our country cannot cope with the need for three reasons. 1. Lack of Skills – we have …