Multimedia Courses: Choosing a Major for a More Lucrative Career

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Most learners now want courses related to multimedia arts because of the rewards it gives. Hence, if you want to gain from this in-demand field, too, know what multimedia arts subjects you should take and the prospects for your career as you complete it. So, read this article to learn more. Multimedia Arts Subjects to Master In choosing a course, …

Is Multimedia Arts the Right Course for You?

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For people who eat, sleep, and breathe art, being a multimedia arts school student is both challenging and fulfilling. Yet taking this course is no easy task, more so if you don’t know where you’re heading. Therefore, to guide you in your journey, read on and discover what you should ponder before you enroll in a multimedia arts degree. Points …

Computer Versus Software Engineering School in PH: Do They Differ?

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Unlike 15 to 20 years ago, computer and IT courses today are more diverse and complex. Schools now develop and create a number of IT courses and provide various programs to choose from. No wonder, students get confused on the right program to take after high school. Do you also see yourself torn between excellent but rather similar courses such …

Philippines’ Best Animation College: On Making Virtual Tours

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During this modern age, simulation of an existing (and even imaginary) place is gaining ground. In fact, many companies and schools offer this digital, virtual event through their web sites or video-sharing sites. Why So Popular? Virtual tour is a current trend. It is being used in a wide array of industries, from travel to real estate and even architecture. …

CIIT PHL: Is Entertainment Multimedia Computing Worth It?

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College education is an investment. It takes only one wrong move to ruin one’s future. While students have a right to pursue tertiary education, few factors prevent them from reaching academic success. In the Philippines, sending a student to a college is but a common struggle for many families. Even if the government offers low-cost learning programs and scholarship grants, funds …