5 Reasons to Study Advanced Photography Courses and Go beyond IG

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Photography or the art of taking and processing pictures, according to many online sources, has been a hobby and career for most people. However, as photo-sharing apps such as Instagram or IG continue to upgrade, the difference between pros and hobbyists has become vague. People now teach themselves than enroll in advanced photography courses. Yet, learning it on your own …

Reasons to Convince You to Take Game Development Programs

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Do you love playing online and mobile games like Clash of Clans, Temple Run, Candy Crush, League of Legends, or Defense of the Ancients? They’re fun and addicting, right? But do you know that your passion for gaming can lead you to a well-paid career in the future? Taking up a mobile game development course can make it happen. CIIT …

20 Coolest Freelance Jobs For Digital Arts Graduates

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Digital arts is a budding career. Project JobsFit, a Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) market study, found that digital arts is one of the country’s emerging trades. In fact, this has become possible because it offers jobs faster than its output growth in the long term. If you’ll pursue a digital arts course, below are digital arts freelance jobs …

Careers You Can Pursue with a Game Development Course

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Contrary to what most people think, a game development course can lead you to numerous opportunities in the workforce. If you’re a parent looking for a career path for your child, consider this field. Read on to know more about the game development industry in our country. The Rise of Game Development Course The Philippines has a significant number of …

Multimedia Courses: Choosing a Major for a More Lucrative Career

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Most learners now want courses related to multimedia arts because of the rewards it gives. Hence, if you want to gain from this in-demand field, too, know what multimedia arts subjects you should take and the prospects for your career as you complete it. So, read this article to learn more. Multimedia Arts Subjects to Master In choosing a course, …

Job Outlook for Multimedia Arts Graduates in the Philippines

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We’ve heard you. Multimedia Arts in the Philippines is expensive, superficial, and delusional. There have been so many myths surrounding the field that they’re already preventing youthful talents—out-of-the-box right brainers who could have been in-demands asset of the country—to pursue their dreams and enroll in a multimedia arts course. And the entire fallacy is built into four words: “Artistic careers …

Top Entry-Level Jobs that Await K12 Animation School Grads in PH

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Animation jobs are truly a hit not just in the entertainment field, but also in many other industries such as education, medicine, marketing, and business. Today, many companies demand the use of computer-generated images in online games, audio-visual presentations, and modern telecommunications. As many industries require such innovations, a bright future surely awaits animation graduates of the K-12 basic education …