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Famous Software Engineers and Their Contribution(s) to the Field

Are you an incoming Grade 11 student who’s still unsure what track to take? If you’re into software application and programming, choosing an Information Computer Technology (ICT) track and a computer software engineering course can help set your career path well. Then again, this infographic naming famed software engineers and their gifts to the trade […]

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Reasons You Should Pursue Mobile Game Development in Senior High

If you dream of becoming a mobile game developer, CIIT shares a few reasons why you should start early. We have compiled proofs that show how studying in a mobile game development school and pursuing a career in this field can give you a great future. Read on to discover. Four Reasons to Take a […]

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What It’s Like to Be a Multimedia Arts Student

As an arts buff who wants to take up a multimedia arts course, you must know what students face in this field. In the same way, understanding them will get you ready for the challenges ahead and help you outdo or shun them. Below are few of the real struggles only art students can relate […]

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Six Great Reasons to Study Digital Arts in the Philippines

Philippines’ leading digital arts school: studying student

Do you aspire to become a digital arts professional but have second thoughts on making it as a career? Perhaps you doubt your skills or your capacity to earn well in the future. Make up your mind. Your passion, if coupled with self-confidence and determination, will surely bring you to a great career path. If […]

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What to Consider When Choosing a Reputable Graphic Design School

graphic design senior high school

Are you a graphic design enthusiast who hopes to become an expert but have yet to find the right senior high school (SHS)? Yes, finding the best SHS is stressful because not every school offers tracks related to graphic design. In addition, although you have the options, you can’t tell which of them can hone […]

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