tools and software for a multimedia arts degree

Is Multimedia Arts the Right Course for You?

For people who eat, sleep, and breathe art, being a multimedia arts school student is both challenging and fulfilling. Yet taking this course is no easy task, more so if you don’t know where you’re heading. Therefore, to guide you in your journey, read on and discover what you should ...
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multimedia arts course

BA Multimedia Arts Course at CIIT: What’s in It for You?

The need for web designers, multimedia artists, and animators has grown in the past years, making multimedia arts course a popular choice among college freshmen in the Philippines. In fact, since we grew up watching Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks films, many of us find digital arts as a legitimate career ...
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WordPress for business in laptop and smartphone

WordPress Cheat Sheet for Newbies and Business Owners

For many years now, WordPress has kept its title as the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). Pros not only find it flexible, and flexible, non-tech users who use WordPress for business think it’s easy to use, too. Therefore, if you’re planning to use it, too, here’s a WordPress ...
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Planning of web design trends

2018’s Top 8 Web Design Trends to Master

In the age of technology, web design isn’t stagnant and serves more purposes. It’s a means of advance ad and entertainment and a form of digital improvement. Each year, new web design trends take over old versions. It centers on bringing a user-friendly experience and utilized roles. Technology trends never ...
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choosing a senior high school track

Steps to Knowing Which Senior High School Track Best Fits You

Students in the Philippines must now pass through two divisions in high school, such as junior and senior, for them to earn a full-fledged diploma. So, to keep up with the K-12 mandate of the Department of Education (DepEd), schools now offer junior (Grades 7-10) and senior high (Grades 11-12) ...
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Digital sketch pad

What You Must Know about CIIT’s Senior High School Animation Track

Are you one of the clueless incoming senior high school students? Well, in choosing the right strand, you must pick the right career that fits your persona. Certain factors affect how you choose a senior high school track for your k-12 education. Your interests, hobbies, and skills define the career ...
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mobile responsive web design in laptop tablet and smartphone

Why and How to Make a Mobile Responsive Web Design

A mobile responsive web design is the “big thing” in the industry right now. So, if you’re a student planning to enroll in a web design school or a business owner new to this technique, here’s what you need to know. What's a Responsive Website? A responsive website is one with ...
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Five Things You Should Know about Tuition Fee Payments at CIIT

People are more practical today. With the high cost of living, each wants to get his or her money's worth. Thus, in choosing where to study, most people worry about the cost of education rather than the school itself. For a freshman or a parent who will send a child ...
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