3D Action Figure - 3D animator

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Become a 3D Animator defines 3D animation as a technical specialty within the graphic arts animation field that generates three-dimensional moving images to take place in a digital environment. It is undeniably among the best innovations that arched up film, TV, and other visual media in the Philippines. This is why becoming a ...
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Four Things You Should Know about Tuition Fee Payments at CIIT

People are more practical today. With the high cost of living, each wants to get his or her money’s worth. Thus, in choosing where to study, most people worry about the cost of education rather than the school itself. Today’s tech-advents led huge changes to our current educational system. This ...
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Fine arts degree bump fists to signify success

Fine Arts Degree: What’s Life like after Graduation?

“Every artist was first an amateur,” Ralph Waldo Emerson said. If you’re convinced that a Fine Arts degree is your chosen course in college, then you should know how to give the right answers for the questions you might receive upon hearing your decision. Why Take a Fine Arts Degree? ...
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a man working with digital arts college

The Ins and Outs of Choosing Digital Arts to Achieve Career Success

As most industries keep up with the latest tech trends, people learn to embrace the changes and foster its persistent growth. To cope up with the new trends, most schools have developed digital arts programs. A digital arts college like CIIT, in particular, prepared well to bring innovations closer to ...
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multimedia arts college course uses modern tools such as Mac.

The Role of Multimedia Arts College Course in Modern Business Settings

Are you still in doubt whether to take a Multimedia Arts college course? If you worry for your growth as an artist, don’t fret, you will have a variety of jobs to choose from after college. Read on to learn more. Multimedia Arts College Course and Its Huge Role to ...
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codes used in computer software engineering

What You Should Know about A Computer Software Engineering Career

As someone enrolled in a computer science course, pursuing a career in computer software engineering may be one of your best choices. But just like any fight, you can’t face and win the challenge unprepared. To give you a heads up on this field, here are the facts all aspiring ...
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educational apps in a phone

Top 10 Back-to-School Educational Apps You Should Be Using

As we embrace the advent of technology and countless innovations to upgrade our daily lives, living around them has become an essential part of education. Modern education opts to run fast, efficient, and goal-focused learning phase for students and we can expect more. As of now, technology produced new designs ...
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Entertainment and Multimedia Computing Program

Entertainment Multimedia Computing Program: In A Nutshell

Are you familiar with Clash of Clans? Were you so thrilled as you build your base and create plans to attack your enemies? At some point, did you wish you could create your own mobile game? If you want to turn your passion into a profession, then CIIT’s Entertainment Multimedia ...
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