What is the Best K12 Track to Get an Animation Job?

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Deciding on the best k12 track for an animation job

Are you clueless on the right K12 track for animation that you can pursue to fulfill your passion and hone your creativity?

Of the four tracks in the senior high school (SHS) curriculum, Arts and Design is the perfect route for animation enthusiasts like you. Look through this blog so you can understand better what this track offers.

What is This Track All About?

As the name suggests, the Arts and Design Track concerns both creative and performative industries. It fits students whose interests revolve around the fields of media arts, visual arts, performing arts (dance, music, and theater), or literary arts. In general, it covers both traditional arts and modern forms of graphics and design.

This track aims to help students hone their skills. Besides hands-on training, it also targets to expand learners’ knowledge on the use of various arts and design materials, media, and forms. It hopes to develop students’ visual curiosity and creativity and prepare them for a variety of jobs that require such skills.

In taking this route, learners will expose themselves to various forms of media, including interior design, graphic design, painting, photography, film, and painting. Likewise, they will learn fashion design, industrial design, and animation.

The Right K12 Track for Animation

Arts and Design is definitely the track that can enhance your skills in animation. But you should understand that animation is not the sole learning area under this track. Like other K12 tracks, Arts and Design also includes subjects from three different groups: core, contextualized, and specialization subjects. The latter tackles creative discipline, which students will learn mostly in Grade 12.

You are likely to start studying animation when you take up Applied Arts during the second semester of your 11th grade. In taking this course, you will learn to:

— appreciate all visual art forms and the methods that enter into the production of each; and

— appreciate forms, materials, techniques, and meanings of various art expressions.

Take note that some schools do not have an Arts and Design track but still offer animation—under a specialized education.

Why Study Animation?

You may specialize in animation if you are into sketching, drawing, painting, video editing, 2D and 3D animation, and photography.

Learning animation these days is beneficial as many companies from different industries seek to employ animators who can boost their marketing campaigns. They look for talented people who do well in advertising, desktop publishing, filmmaking, and multimedia production.

With its vast scope, an animation program offers plenty of opportunities for learners, debunking the myth that it barely produces rewarding careers.

Why Choose CIIT Philippines?

Not all schools, especially public schools, offer an Arts and Design track. Hence, you might need to consider studying at a private school.

If you live in Metro Manila, CIIT-Philippines is among the colleges that offer the best arts and design courses. Check out below some reasons why you should choose this school over the others.

ICT Track

With DepEd’s approval and accreditation, some local schools offer curriculum from a hybrid of tracks. CIIT is one of the learning institutions that offer specialized education for senior high school students.

CIIT has an ICT track, a curriculum based on combined Academic, Technical Vocational Education and Training, and Arts and Design tracks.

Certificates / Diploma

After completing the animation program, CIIT will grant students with both an SHS diploma and a National Certificate Level 2 (NC II). The former is ideal for those who want to pursue college while the latter is for students who opt to work immediately after graduation. This certification carries great weight, as trainings in SHS may be as thorough as vocational courses. Graduates will obtain the essential skills to take on, at least, mid-level tasks, making them qualified to hold posts.

Credited Subjects

Students who choose to proceed to a college degree could also cut their stay short if they decide to continue their studies at CIIT. SHS animation graduates may choose between BA Multimedia Arts and BA Fine Arts and the school will credit related subjects they have taken in Grades 11 and 12.

CIIT Philippines can help advance your skills. For more details on our SHS tracks, browse through our K-12 Basic Education Program.


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