CIIT Philippines’ 4-Year Bachelor Degree Program is a full-fledged course that combines general education with both basic and specialized courses. These were designed in tandem with industry partners, like Anino Playlabs (the best game development firm in the Philippines), to ensure that the courses are not just relevant to the industry, but current and updated as well. Together with our best in breed Instructors, modernized workstations and our hands-on approach to learning, this gives you the proper qualification and the widest range of options to choose from in careers to pursue after graduation.

Major in Animation / Film and Video Production / Graphics Design

Our Bachelor of Multimedia Arts course is geared towards making our students stand out in their chosen medium of expression. Our program is designed to not only enhance your creative talents, but to foster critical thinking, improve your efficiency, and diversify your repertoire or skills.

  • CareersWith the recent progress and opportunities brought about by the digital age, graduates of this course have the advantage of being employable anywhere due to their diverse skillset. They can work in advertising firms, corporations, production houses, video game studios, or as freelancers. Possible career opportunities include:

    • Creative Directors
    • Art Directors
    • Video and Audio Production Professionals
    • Graphic Designer & Illustrator
    • Animators
    • Multimedia Designers
    • Multimedia Educators
  • Subjects

    • Digital Storyboarding
    • Stop-Motion Animation
    • Acting for Animation
    • Advanced 3D Animation
    • Writing for Film and Television
    • Acting and Directing for Film
    • Documentary Film
    • Cinematography
    • Motion Graphics
    • 3D/4D Graphics
    • Fashion Graphics
    • Brand and Packaging Design

Sample Works


The Bachelor of Fine Arts program is here to help sharpen your skills and to let your creativity shine. The subjects of our Fine Arts program will not only cover traditional techniques like drawing and painting, but give them new life by bringing them into the digital world.

  • Major

    • Visual Communication

    Careers Because of how the course is designed, graduates of our Bachelors of Fine Arts program can find employment in any industry, be it in the academe as educators, in the corporate world as members of a marketing department or media agency, or even as artists, creating masterpieces for the world to see. The possibilities are endless for CIIT’s Bachelor of Fine Arts graduates.

    • Digital Painters/ Artist
    • Production Designer
    • New Media Specialists
    • Visual Communicators
    • Visual Merchandisers
    • Art Educators
    • Art Historians
    • Exhibiting Artist
  • Subjects

    • Visual Design
    • Figure Drawing
    • Production Methods
    • Design Workshop
    • Photography
    • Advertising Design
    • Production for Electronic Media
    • Design Theory
    • Visual Communication
    • Visual-Verbal Communication
    • Techniques
    • Materials

Sample Works
  • halo-halo
  • islam
  • lakas
  • padayon
  • pop art
Modeled after CIIT Founder Niel Dagondon’s experiences in the gaming industry as the head and founder of Anino Games, the country’s first game development firm, this course encompasses the entirety of the game development life cycle.

with specialization in Game Development and Mobile Technologies

Forge your path in one of the most in-demand and highest paid careers today! Our Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) is an in-depth study of software and software systems, including their theory, design, development, and applications. Using your skills in technology, learn to create solutions that will power the world of tomorrow. These include software such as Video Games, Mobile Applications, Virtual Reality Applications, Websites and Enterprise Software in a variety of platforms both current and those yet to come.

  • What You Will Learn

    • Computer Programming
    • Programming Languages
    • Information Management
    • Architecture and Organization
    • Human-Computer Interaction
    • Relational Database Management System
    • Web Design and Programming
    • Information Assurance and Security
    • Data Structures and Algorithms
    • Operating Systems
    • Applications Development and
    • Emerging Technologies
    • Game Design and Development
    • Technopreneurship
  • Careers

    • Programmer
    • Web Developer
    • Mobile Application Developer
    • Full stack developer
    • Game Developer
    • Software Engineer
    • Quality Engineer
    • Digital transformation manager
    • Business Analyst
    • Data Scientist

Sample Works